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Dam provides 45% of total Egyptian power requirements. electricity, water supply, national pride

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How has the Aswan Dam helped Egypt?

How has the Aswan Dam helped and hurt Egypt

What is a dam on the Nile River in Egypt?

The Aswan High Dam and the Aswan Low Dam.

Aswan Dam is located in?

aswan dam is constructed over the river nile in Egypt

WHat is a famous dam?

The dam in Aswan (Assuan) in Egypt.

Who built the aswan dam?

Jason Akhlabalkinoy built the Aswan dam in Egypt in 1960 and 1970

In which country is the Aswan Dam?


In what country is aswan dam?


Which country is Aswan Dam in?


The aswan high dam has changed farming in what country?

This country is called "Egypt" "The aswan high dam has changed farming in Egypt"

What is name of the famous dam in south of Egypt?

The Aswan Dam.

Where in the world is the Aswan dam found?

On the river Nile at Aswan in Egypt.

What country lies beneath the High Aswan Dam?

Egypt lies beneath the High Aswan Dam.

Why is the aswan dam important to the people in Egypt?

the Aswan Dam is important to the people in Egypt because it give's them rich soil so the people can

How has the aswan high dam changed farming in Egypt?


In which country is Aswan high Dam?

It is in Egypt.

Where is the aswan dam?

It is in Egypt on the Nile river

What does the Aswan Dam benefit?

Egypt and Sudan

What is the largest dam in Egypt?

The Aswan High Dam, on the Nile River.

Could have Egypt done anything else other than build the Aswan dam to solve its problems?


Where is the Aswan high dam?

* The Aswan high Dam is located on the Nile Riverright on the tip of Lake Nasser. Near the city of Aswan in Egypt.

Which dam is the biggest dam in Africa?

it is the egyptian dam and it is located in aswan at the south of egypt.

Why did they name the aswan high dam the aswan high dam?

The Aswan High dam is so named because it is located at Aswan, Egypt, and it is designed to be able to manage the high flood stages of the Nile River.

Was the Aswan dam built in China or Egypt?

In Egypt on the river Nile.

Which countries took part in Aswan High dam?

Egypt and Sudan took part in building the Aswan High Dam.

What is the first dam ever built in recorded history in Egypt?

Aswan Dam

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