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The UK used to produce a lot more than it does nowadays but it does still produce things like machine tools, industrial equipment, scientific equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, electronic machinery, computers, processed metals, chemical products, coal mining, oil production, paper, food processing, textiles, clothing and other consumer goods. manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals; food, beverages, tobacco, but not in massive quantities. However most of the parts are imported from foreign countries.

We also used to be a big car manufacturer of Bentlys, Rolls Royce and MG.

Britain is also one of the worlds largest video game creators and marketers, with games like the Grand Theft Auto series. Video Games bring in roughly £3.5 Billion to the UK economy every year.

The UK is also one of the worlds biggest entertainment suppliers with TV shows like "Britains got Talent" and X Factor becoming a worldwide success with most countries in the world having tried to create their own version. We also are big in the movie industy with smash hits such as the James Bond 007 movies, Harry Potter series, Saw and many more. Another aspect of entertainment, music is extremely big in the UK with artists reach the prized number one spot all over the globe.

British authors have produced some of the best-selling books in history such as J.k Rowling or Roald Dahl or even Michael Bond.

The UK has also become the world leader at Recycling,being the first country in the world to recycle ANY old electrical product, all plastics are melted down to make new electrical products and every chip,board and screw, bolt inside is recycled and re used. this has become a very big world export.

UK-based producers include cereal-makers Weetabix, which makes Alpen and Readybrek, among others; Nisa International, wholesalers which cover Marmite, Jacobs, McVities and Sunpak brands; and Pataks and Sharwoods for ethnic ingredients and ready meals. And American companies such as Heinz have production plants in the UK.

Many companies have been bought over by foreign companies. One of the most tragic victims is Cadbury, makers of the best chocolate ever. Lets just hope that the Americans don't change too much…

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AnswerConsumer goods are only available for present use and will not produce wealth. Capital goods, though not providing an immediate benefit, will produce wealth for future use (for more consumer goods and/or more capital goods).