Rascal Flatts

What got Rascal Flatts into country music?

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How was rascal flatts discovered?

My friend Becky claims to have discovered Rascal Flatts. So I'd say she did. She says she listened to their music and got a bunch of her friends to listen, too. After that, everyone was listening!

Where did Rascal flatts get started?

They got started in a bar

How can meet the rascal flatts?

you can meet rascal flatts by winning meet and greet passes from their fan base website. that's how i got to meet them.

Is there a relation between Rascal Flatts and Lester Flatt?

No, considering that Rascal Flatts is the name of a popular country trio, not of a particular person. The band got their name from the name of a fan's garage band, not from Lester Flatt.

What are the release dates for CMT Got Me in with the Band - 2004 Rascal Flatts 1-12?

CMT Got Me in with the Band - 2004 Rascal Flatts 1-12 was released on: USA: 24 August 2002

How did rascal flatts get their starthas rascal flatts ever been on American idol oramerican got talent?

They sang mostly in bars, anywhere they could. Eventually they got noticed by someone from Lyric Street Records. Also, they performed on American Idol and America's Got Talent, but not as contestants.

How did Rascal Flatts come up with their name?

Rascal Flatts got there name when they were playing at a bar in Nashville. They told the small audience that they were still in need of a good name because they were not quite happy with their current name "Okla-hio". (Made from combining their two home states- Oklahoma and Ohio) After the show an older man came up to Gary LeVox and told him that he used to have a garage band a long time ago. His band called themselves "Rascal Flatts" and that should be the name for Gary, Jay, and Joe Don.

What is the music video where there are naked people and its blocked out to make patterns and its also got dizzie rascal in the song?

Its not an actual music video. Its called censor art which you can find on

Has dizzee rascal got kids?

Yes, twins.

What style of music arose in 1990 embracing country related roots music as an alternative to mainstream country music?

Americana Music, Spacegrass music, or Dawg music. NOT Outlaw music. Got that wrong on Apex.

Do you got to sing country to be a member of the grand ole opry?

Yes, you have to sing country music.

Why are there so many country music awards?

Because they are why got i problem with that

What kind of awards did Taylor Swift get?

Not sure how many awards she got, but she got one for country music.

Why are there more country music radio stations than other kinds of music?

simply because COUNTRY MUSIC IS THE BEST! you got that right! country is awesome and that's all there is to it! also it might have to do with where you live and what everybody likes in your area

How many awards has Carrie Underwood got so far?

i hate country music!

Who got pay the most money for one country music song?

Taylor Swift

Where did country music get its name?

Country music got it's name because of it's origin, down south. The people of the 1920's just like of today considered the rural landscape to be more of a country and the music originated there thus giving it it's name

What country song are these lyrics from i got your shotgun and its ridin shotgun?

There is no country song with the lyrics "I got your shotgun, and it's ridin' shotgun." There are many country music songs which reference shotguns, however, such as Carrie Underwood's 2013 song "Cupid's Got a Shotgun."

How did country music effect hairstyles?

i think it like got people to wear braids more/

Which celebrity is on Britain's got talent results tonight?

First it was Usher Second it was Dizzy Rascal

What got Bruno mars interested in music?

He got interested in music when he was little. He probably got the music in the heart since he was little.

How did Carrie Underwood become who she is today?

American Idol. She got on that show and won and started singing country music.

Why did rascal flatts start?

Gary and Jay are second-cousins and Jay asked Gary to come sing with him because he knew that Gary had talent. One night when Gary and Jay were doing a gig, they had to get a sit-it guitarist, which was Joe Don. Right after they finished the first song they played, they just clicked, and they knew that they were awesome together. From there they did several gigs, and eventually got signed.

What happened to country music David Wills?

lol! i got a crush on a boy called david wills haha :P

What music do diversity dance to on got to dance?

What music did dance to on got to dance final

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