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What government does Canada have?

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Head of Government in Canada?

The Head of Government in Canada is, Stephan Harper The Head of Government in Canada is, Stephan Harper

What government type is Canada?

The government of Canada is a constitutional monarchy.

Where is the central government of Canada located?

The location of the the central government in Canada is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

What type of government is followed in Canada?

Canada followes a conservative government.

What role do the citizens have in the government of Canada?

They are the government. Canada has mob rule.

Canada s government is a?

Canada government is a federal democratic. This is in French.

Does Canada have a democracy or a totalitarian government?

Canada doesn't have a totalitarian government and we are on the way to being a democracy government

What is the official name of the elected federal government in Canada?

It is simply "Government of Canada"

What is the capital city and the home of government in canada?

Canada, GovernmentConstitutional monarchyParliamentary systemOttawaCanada, Capital

Where is the government building of Canada?

In the capital of Canada: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Explain how the levels of government are different in Canada?

explain how the levels of government are different in canada.

Who is the Leader of the Government in the Senate for Canada?

Marjory Lebreton is the Leader of the Government in the Senate for Canada.

Does Canada have a majority government or a minority government?

Canada currently has a majority Conservative government, as of May 2, 2011. Before that, it had a minority government.

What party forms the present government of Canada?

The Conservative Party forms the present Government of Canada.

Did Upper Canada achieve responsible government?

"Representative" government was achieved in Upper Canada in 1791, but not "responsible" government. Upper Canada never did achieve responsible government.By the Act of Union, 1840, Upper Canada and Lower Canada were united into the pre-Confederation Province of Canada, effective February 11, 1841. Responsible government was achieved by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1848, and by the pre-Confederation Province of Canada in 1849.

What is the government system called in Canada?

Canada is a constitutional monarchy and its form of government is known as a parliamentary democracy.

What political party is the government of Canada?

The current government of Canada is led by Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party.

What services does the provincal government of Canada look after?

This question cannot be answered, since there is no Provincial government of Canada.

Is Canada a limited or unlimited government?

limited government

What government does Stephen Harper lead?

The Government of Canada.

What are the 3 levels of government in Canada?

Federal Government, Provincial Government, Local Government

What is govermant of Canada'?

The current government of Canada is Stephen Harper.

Why Canada has government?

to make rules to help and save Canada

What does the federal government of Canada have more control over?


What is the responsible government in Canada?


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