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What grade point average do you need to go to usc?


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You need a 3.7 average GPA 2 get 2 USC You need a 3.7 average GPA 2 get 2 USC To Become A Graduate Student You Will Need: The university requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (on a scale in which A=4.0) and combined Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores of no less than 1,000. In addition, each department sets its own standards, which tend to be more competitive.

once again you need to be a freaking saint to get into usc\

Percy Romeo plays for USC as their point guard he is #15.Information from his #1 fan.

then, or in addition, i learned it in about 3rd grade, then again in my college year at usc..:)

Have a "B" average in all of your classes!

No. USC students, even freshmen, are not required to live on campus. The USC website contains the following question and answer below on this point. "Is living on campus mandatory? No. USC students are not required to live on campus or in USC-owned housing; only 43% of students actually do live on campus."

what is the ACT score composite score

Answeru need a 3.8GPA--but they say each AP course is a +0.1

The zip codes for USC are: 90033 - USC Health Sciences Campus 90089 - USC Main Campus.

well zac efron was and and still is a hard worker and he was a book worm (nerd) and He freaked out when he got a b, He obtained a 4.3 grade point average at high school (which is of A+ ) in every subject:) the school he went to is called Arroyo Grande High School then he got accepted in to USC but he is deferred his first year of college way to go zac and good luck

i think it's .408 if that is a batting avg number. (:

USC Cardinal: PANTONE 201USC Gold: PANTONE 123

Define "USC", there are several companies and a university using USC

There are a lot that never started at USC, if you mean QBs that went to NFL without starting at USC then Matt Cassel is one.

The University of Southern California (USC) does not have an official minimum requirement regarding grades, test scores, or GPA for students applying for admission. Typically, first-year students at USC graduated within the top 10 percent of their high school peers.

The cast of Sorority Life - 2002 includes: Jessica Alvarez as UCDavis Valancie as (Pledge Educator, USC) Shoko as (Pledge, USC) Francia as (Pledge, USC) Bola as (Pledge, USC) Imee as (Pledge, USC) Misa as (Pledge, USC) Veniesha as (Pledge, USC) Mamie as (Sister, USC) Sheryl as (Sister, USC) Suyoung as (Sister, USC) Lynnise as (Sister, USC) Sayuri as (Sisterhood, USC) Becca Ballon as UCDavis Leah Dansker as UCDavis Krisha Davis as (Vice-President, USC) Jordan Erlich as UCDavis Amanda Hale as UCDavis Candace Hanna as UCDavis Mara McDermott as UCDavis Dede Parker as UCDavis Leslie Schaffer as UCDavis

only the best gets in USC....are you the best? prove it!

USC was started in 1880! Fight on Trojans!:)

how much does it cost to attend USC.

USC Canada was created in 1945.

USC Corte was created in 1908.

USC played UCLA at December 4, 2010 USC won 28-14

USC under Pete Carroll is undefeated against the SEC. The scores of their recent games are listed below. It's also worth noting that their last game (a 50-14 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville) was against the team that went on to win their division in the SEC that year. 2002: #22 Auburn @ USC: USC 24, Auburn 17 2003: USC @ #5 Auburn: USC 23, Auburn 0 2005: Arkansas @ USC: USC 70, Arkansas 17 2006: USC @ Arkansas: USC 50, Arkansas 14

They are called USC Cheerleaders. But the school also has a popular dance squad known as the USC Song Girls.

Minimum GPA at USC is a 3.0

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