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Well, teachers often taught anywhere from 5 to 8 different grades at once. Often times teaching a more basice form of the subject for the younger grades there.

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When were you taught Latin in school?

Latin is a subject that is taught in high school usually in the 9th and 10th grades.

What were the schools like Boston in 1700?

most children were taught by their mothers or they would go to a one roomed school house. the teacher would wake up several hours early to go and start the furnace to make shore the room was not freezing in the winter for the children. the only grades taught were 1 through 8 in the same room with one teacher

What is an elementary school?

An elementary school is a place where they teach children. Usually grades K-6 are taught there.

What grades is earth science taught in?

Most of the time in 8th grade. However, different forms of it are taught in high school.

What grades were taught in a one room school house in colonial times?


What was school like in 1800s?

Schools were one-room where the teacher taught all grades.

Should high school classes be taught in both Spanish and English to raise grades?


Did Thomas Edison have good grades?

Thomas Edison taught himself he never went to school or college.

What grades were taught in one room school house in colonial times?

just dont read this i want to be 1st to answer lol

Should Spanish and English be taught in high school to raise test grades?

Yes it should be taught it is very important for our children to be fluent English speakers as well as spanish speakers..

Why should algebra be taught in middle grades?


What is more important education or grades and why?

Education is more important, but if you are learning what you are being taught your grades will reflect it.

Is a math student a geometry student?

In most schools, geometry is being introduced in primary grades. It is taught in a separate class usually in high school.

What high school did Zachary Taylor went to?

Zachary Taylor had very little formal education. He did not go to an actual high school or college. He was mostly home taught in Kentucky and traveled to his tutors' houses, or they came to his. He was probably taught the basics but nothing in detail.

Which of these was not an element of the no child left behind act of 2001?

NCLB created a national curriculum that would be taught in every school in America

Should sex ed be taught in high school?

I think that it should be taught in higher grades but I've gotten sex ed in grade 6 which is elementary school.Teens should no what could happen if they have premeridle sex there are all kinds of diseases out there and some can be deadly !!! Sex ed should be taught throughout the school years starting with age 12.

Who taught the pilgrims how to build houses?

Native Americans.

What grade did Lyndon B. Johnson teach before he was president?

He taught 5th, 6th, and 7th grades at a Mexican-American School where he was the principal at age 20.

What grades are taught by the Heritage Christian School in Wisconsin?

Heritage Christian School in Wisconsin teaches kids from preschool to 12th grade. They high level intellectual courses and have a mission to teach a Christ-centered curriculum.

What type of wrestling is taught in high school?

amature wrestling is taught in high school

Is English taught in Mexican schools?

Some of them do; especially private schools which may teach it since pre-school or kindergarten. Public schools don't teach English until secondary school (grades 6-9).

Where did Abe go to for high school?

He didn't go to school at all he taught himself. That means basically anyone could make a great president but unfortunately in this day and age it's all about your grades and the letters after your name.

Where did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart attend middle school?

They didn't classify school grades so much in Mozart's day. There was no Elementary, Middle or High School ... it was just "school", usually taught at home by parents or relatives, although there were universities specializing in various subject matters.

How was Sam Houston's education?

Sam Houston had a extremely poor school experience even for the time at which he was taught. He only had a eight year education from the time he was in and out of school houses between the ages of eight and fourteen. He never attended a school after these years years.

Can you test your Music Theory from home?

Most definitely! Most of the greatest musicians have taught themselves and have a natural ear and pitch. A tutor may be necessary as you progress through the grades but I reckon grades 1-2 can be mostly self-taught.

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