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Zeus, the king of the gods, was the god of the heavens, but if you mean heaven as in the afterlife it was the god Hades' territory. Poseidon was called the Earth-shaker and was said to call earthquakes but he was technically god of the sea, and the Earth was considered neutral. One of the first Titans created was Gaia, who is the Earth and so could be seen as the goddess of the earth, although the goddess of plants and agriculture was Demeter.

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Q: What greek god was god of heaven and earth?
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Who was the greek god of heaven and earth?


How ancient greek thought earth was made?

Earth before was unorganized and then a god, resolved this problem by separating earth from heaven.

Who is the main god of Greek mythology?

The main god of Greek mythology would be Zeus, the king of the gods. for he is ruler of heaven and earth. he is also king of the world.

Who is the main Greek god?

Zeus, the ruler of the gods. He is ruler of heaven and earth and is referred to as the king of all.

Who is the god of heaven in greek?


Is god capitalized?

it depends..........if it is like a Greek god, then no. If it is the God in heaven,then yes. No god besides the one in heaven should be capitilized.

Who was the greek god of earth?

Gaia was the earth. There is no god of the earth.

Who is the god of heaven in greek mythlogy?


Is there a God in heaven?

Christans belive that god made heaven and earth . So yes if u belive that he is in heaven.

What is the Greek god gaia the Greek god of?

She is mother earth

What is the name of the Greek god of heaven?

Zeus is the greek god of the heavens. He is also the god of all gods on Mt. Olympia. He

Where did zelus ruled greek god?

Zeus was a Greek God who ruled Mount Olympus, and was King of Heaven.

Greek lord of heaven and earth?


Who is the god of the earth?

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the earth is Gaia Gaia is the greek goddess of earth. Geb is the Egyptian god of earth.

Who is greek god or goddess of the earth?

Gaea is the Greek Earth goddess.

Where was god when there is no heaven and earth?

The bible says God is a spirit.

How was the creation of Hermes?

Hermes was born a Greek God, of Maia and Zeus - also a Greek God, King of Heaven/Olympus.

How did Satan get to earth?

God cast him out of heaven.

What is the only planet not named after a god?

Most of the planets such as Venus and Mars are named after a Greek or Roman god. However, Earth is the oddball in this case. It was not named after a pagan god.Earth :)it would be technically earth but some of the early cultures have deified it by such names a Gaea (Greek) , Terra (Roman)... so technically there all of the planets have been named after mythologyMercury- roman god of trade and commerceVenus- roman goddess of loveearth-Mars- roman god of war, was originally agricultural but was fused with Ares (Greek god of war) and inherited his characterJupiter-roman god of the heavens name means "sky father" 3rd king of heavenSaturn- roman agricultural god, fused with Cronus, Greek titan of all devouring time 2nd king of heavenUranus- Greek progenus( first created) of the heavens 1st king of heaven was married to Gaea/"earth" name means " heaven"Neptune- roman god of the sea, earthquakes and creator of horses, brother of Jupiter/ZeusPluto- Roman King of the Underworld, the god of death and the dead.

Who is the Greek god of heaven the Romans call you Saturn?

Zeus is.

Is gaia a real greek god?

no the only real God is Christ Jesus and he is in heaven greek and roman and all god mytholgy is fake period.

What is the greek god of earth?

Poseidon is the god of the sea and earthquakes, so I suppose he is god of the earth.

Did God create everything?

Yes. In Genesis, it says that God created both Heaven and Earth, which means everything in Heaven and in Earth. Yes, He did create EVERYTHING.

Who Is the God of Earth in Greek Mythology?

There is supposively no God of Earth but a Goddess of Earth, Gaia or Gaea.

Who is the greek god of the hevans?

Zeus and Hera are Greek gods of sky, heaven, stars, and weather.