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Q: What group are grasshoppers clasified in?
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What is a group of grasshoppers called?

A group of grasshoppers is called a Cloud

What group of animals does the grasshoppers belong to?

The group of animals that the grasshoppers belong to are the orthoptera. Other insects in this group are locusts, katydids, and crickets.

Group of grasshopers?

a group of grasshoppers is called a swarm

In which group can the grasshopers be classified?

Grasshoppers can be classified into the insects group.

Lobsters are clasified as?


What group of animals does grasshopper belong to?

The group of animals that the grasshoppers belong to are the orthoptera. Other insects in this group are locusts, katydids, and crickets.

What are Clouds of Grasshoppers?

They are a group of grasshoppers that ate everything left during the dust storm ,like crops,gardens,and even clothing left out to dry.

Is baskball clasified a contact sport?


What five letter word do you call a group of insects such as bees grasshoppers and locusts?


What group of animal does the praying mantis belong to?

The praying mantis belongs to a group of animals called Ortoptera. Other animals that are part of this group are grasshoppers, crickets, and cockroaches.

How is ectomorphs clasified?

By their slim or linear body types

What happens in the pentagon?

I am not legally allowed to tell you. its clasified

What factors might account for differences in the graphs and or total number of toothpick grasshoppers in each group?

Change Habitat

Which of the following is one of the four steps of the reaction process?


Classification of contract?

contract is clasified into two gruops: void and valid.

What is the collective noun for grasshoppers?

Collective nouns for grasshoppers are:a cloud of grasshoppersa cluster of grasshoppersa plague of grasshoppersa swarm of grasshoppers

Are there grasshoppers in India?

Yes. There are grasshoppers in India. In fact, there are many grasshoppers in India.

Can grasshoppers lay eggs?

Female grasshoppers can. But male grasshoppers can only produce the eggs.

Does grass hoppers eat anything else besides plant?

yes it has been scientifically proven that grasshoppers eat small animals such as cats, and dogs. there have also been incidents were a group of grasshoppers have eaten a babies as scientifically found by doctor Travis Hogan of Sunbury medical university in the field of study of grasshoppers and the dangers they possess

How do grasshoppers digest?

How do grasshoppers digest?

When do grasshoppers die?

how do grasshoppers die?

Can grasshoppers sting?

No. Grasshoppers have no stingers.

Can grasshoppers sting you?

Grasshoppers have no stinger.

What are grasshoppers called when they hatch?


Are grasshoppers omnivores?

Grasshoppers are herbivores.