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He felt many groups were inferior - most specifically his anger or hate was directed toward Jewish or Gypsy people.

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He thought the inferior group were the Jews and the superior group was the Aryan race.

Anyone who didn't meet his definition of Aryan.

Hitler believed that people inferior to himself and to Germans should be put to work or killed.

he liked the Aryan's,, blonde hair blue eyes

A group the nazies called "ubermensch". it refers to people which have blond hair and blue eyes.

They are Slavic countries and Hitler thought Slavs inferior.

Hitler thought that Jewish people were inferior and Dangerous to the rest of the people so he had them separated and killed.

Hitler knew that democracy would only hinder or prevent his plans.

He wanted only people of Aryan blood. He believed that by killing off inferior races, he was 'purifying' it.

Because he believed that the Jews were an inferior race.

Humiliated, embarrassed, offended, devastated. Hurtful words can be considered as bullying, but many times when it doesn't quite seem like bullying, the person saying these things feel inferior to you and are only trying to make you feel inferior to them, which makes them feel that if you feel inferior to them, then you must feel intimidated or "lower" or not as good as them.

The reason why Hilter relocated the Jewish people was because he wanted the German people to have pure living space without anyother ethnic group that they thought were inferior.

Yes because, Hitler thought handicapped people were subhumans and inferior to the Nazi Ideology. That's why Hitler killed 10,000s of them.

Because Hitler believed Germans was a super-race and all other races were inferior to Germans.

It targeted anyone whom Hitler openly viewed as against him or racially or ethnically inferior.

By killing off anyone he felt was an inferior population.

Because he believed they were inferior and biologically defective.

Germans had the right to conquer inferior peoples

In my opinion the PlayStation 3 is a far inferior system to the Xbox.Don't feel inferior, you played just as good as him, and you were really unlucky not to win.That hot dog is of inferior quality.

An attack on communism, and on the inferior Slav people, with the certainty of winning against a backward country with inferior technology.

I don't know what group of people you belong to, but I wonder how you would feel if people were asking why it is wrong to kill your group. Use your thinking cap.

I'll try my best to explain :) No one can make you feel like you are worthless unless you belive what they are saying. For example, if someone makes fun of a grade you got, you could take it personally and feel inferior, or you could choose not to care and you wouldn't feel inferior; you wouldn't care.

Mainly because it was considered to have originated with black people in the American South. Hitler considered Africans to be inferior to Germans, so jazz was inferior too. He preferred that German people listen to what he considered proper German music.

Hitler called his plan "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question." This means to physically liquidate the Jews and other inferior races.

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