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Medieval towns were really defined in terms of the market place. The political and economic life of a town was dominated by merchants and craftsmen, often through the guilds they formed.

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What groups dominated the economic and political life of towns during the high middle ages?

In many towns, the economic and political live was dominated by guilds or confederations of guilds. You should remember that this was not universally true, and there was enormous variation in town governments.

What religion dominated the Middle Ages?

Christianity dominated peoples lives during the middle ages

Who dominated economic and political life of towns during the high middle ages?

In many places, the economic and political life was dominated by guilds of merchants and tradesmen. The domination was profound enough that there were many medieval towns and cities of a type called communes (commonwealths might be a better way of putting it in modern English), and the communes were run as republican cities, some within monarchies, and some independent.

What is the decline of feudalism?

The weakening of the economic and political system that developed in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Is it true that political and economic power shifted during the classical period from the middle class to the aristocracy and the church?

No. The increase in the power of the Church happened in the Roman Empire at a time when the economic and political power was mostly in the hands of the military. In the Middle Ages, the aristocracy gained military power, and the rise of the middle class only happened during the Middle Ages after that.

During the middle ages What religion dominated the middle east?

Islam, during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Political participation among Americans can best be described as a activiity?

political participation among Americans can best be described as a ______ activity? a. futile b. middle-class dominated c. female-dominated d. working-class dominated

How important was agriculture in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, most economic systems were dominated by agriculture, and most people worked on farms or manorial estates.

What was the name given to the new political system that developed during the middle ages?

Feudalism was the dominant political system during the middle ages.

What religion dominated in the middle east in 1500?

ISLAM, led by the Ottoman Caliphate and the Safavid Empire, dominated the Middle East in 1500.

What was the typical of most European art during middle ages?

Religious themes dominated art during the middle ages. The Virgin Mary holding Jesus "Madonna and Child" is by far the most typical.

Name 3 industries that dominated the middle atlantin colonies?

The Irish linen industry is among the industries that dominated the middle Atlantic colonies.

Was the progressive era was a middle class movement that was designed to change the political system and social economic system of the US?

The progressive era was a combination of middle class , upper middle class and even higher classes that challenged the hierarchies of the rigid political system, bureaucracy in social system with initial monopolistic economic growth prospects.

What is the economic and political system that developed in Europe during the middle ages?

Feudalism is the economic and political sytem that developed in Europe in the Middle Ages."In the feudal system, people plegded loyalty to a lord - a ruler or a powerful landholder. In return, they received protecting from the lord. Knights, or armed warriors, fought on behalf of their lords. Peasants worked the land. At the bottom of the system were serfs, peasants who were not free to leave the lord's land."

What were the economic endeavors of the middle colonies?

Shipbuilding, fishing and small manufacturing services were the main types of economic endeavors that took place during the Middle Colonies. Agriculture was also important to the economics of the middle Colonies.

Which group dominated economic and political life of town during the high middle ages?

Towns were often dominated by guilds, made up of merchants, tradesmen, and craftsmen. Very frequently there were multiple guilds involved in running a town, acting together. The towns and cities were highly varied in their political structure. In some places, there was a patrician class that had a status between the nobility and the merchants. Some towns and cities had elected leaders who were autocratic. Others had councils that were made up of guild members. Yet others had an almost democratic foundation. Some towns and cities were within empires or kingdoms, and others were not.

Was Europe dominated by the protestant church during the middle ages?

No, Protestant Churches really did not get a start until after 1517, and by then the Middle Ages were over. Please see the links below.

Why was the Hanseatic league crated?

the Hanseatic league was created for an economic alliance of trading cities and their guilds that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe in the later Middle Ages.

How was the church involved in the political and economic life of the middle ages?

Because you touch yourself at night, so they made a highway to hell for you..

What two forces dominated the lives of most people during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic church was the primary force in the middle ages and the other force was the need to stay alive which became a feudal society.

How are the political social and economic changes during the high middle ages and the emergence of the modern era?

You are asking for over a 1000 years of history. This requires too much on this format. Break down the question to reasonable time frames.

What economic system existed in Europe during the Middle Ages?

The economic system that was most prevalent in Europe of the Early Middle Ages was the manorial system, which some people equate with feudalism and some don't. During the Middle Ages, a mercantile system also developed slowly, until it became very important in the Late Middle Ages and, ultimately, dominant in the Renaissance.

What was the economic situation during the middle ages?

the economic situation was hard. little people had jobs. but that is why guilds were formed. all in all, it was hard for the working class.

What institution dominated during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic Church Humanities 205 University Of Phoenix Answer Romans and Athenians were in a war that affected their power and influence on Europe.

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