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What group has the ultimate responsibility for protecting and managing interests of stockholders?

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There are essentially two groups responsibile for protecting and managing the interests of stockholders: the Board of Directors and the Management Team. Ultimately the responsibility falls with the management team, as they tend to be hands-on in the daily operations of a business. They should know what's going on and be held accountable for not reporting shortcomings, expectations, news, etc. in a timely manner to the Board and also to corporate shareholders. The Board Of Directors is responsible to look after the interests of the stockholders. Among other responsibilities this implies supervision of internal controls to oversee that the laws are adhered to, that profits are generated and that proper external audits are carried out.

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In a corporation what group has the ultimate responsibility for protecting and managing the stockholders' interests?

The board of directors of a corporation holds the responsibility for the protection and management of the investor's assets. A corporation's board of directors are voted in by the shareholders to serve as representatives on their behalf. In order to serve as an effective member, they are required to display objectivity, and always provide a strong defense of shareholders' rights.

What steps did wilson take to increase the governments role in the economy?

His domestic program expanded the role of the federal government in managing the economy and protecting the interests of citizens.

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In a plant, as elsewhere, safety is everyone's responsibility. Managing safety is a responsibility of line management.

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This is an altenative VIEW above the services perfomed by the os. The OS provides an orderly and controlled allocation of te proccesor memory and I/O device. when computer has user the need for managing and protecting the memory I/O and other devices is greater.

Why are protecting water supplies from pollution and managing demand for water major priorities?

Protecting the water supply from pollution is important because everything depends on water to survive. If the water is polluted then people or animals can get sick or die. Fresh water that can be used for drinking or watering crops is a renewable source but sometimes due to drought there is limited amounts. Managing the demand for water helps to ensure that there is enough to sustain life until more becomes available.

If you are told to assume an attitude of 'benign neglect' what does that mean?

A policy or attitude of ignoring a situation instead of assuming responsibility for managing or improving it. (had to look it up)

Abbreviation for the word Managing used as in Managing Director?

MD for managing director.

4 activities a project manager may have to perform?

- Managing conflicts- Managing risks- Managing team members- Managing stakeholders

What is the responsibility of a mutual fund's management company?

The management company is responsible for selecting an investment portfolio that is consistent with the objectives of the fund as stated in its prospectus and managing the portfolio in the best interest of the shareholders.

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Managing director

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Managing director is correct.

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