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What group is the element neon in?

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Group 18, the noble gases.

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Is neon gas in a neon sign an element?

Neon from a neon sign is an element. It has the symbol Ne and is in group 18 which is noble gasses.

What element family goes with neon?

neon belongs to group 18

What group is the neon element in?

Noble gases.

What element is in period two group eighteen?

The element in period two group eighteen is neon.

What is the family element for neon?

Neon is in the noble gas family, which is group 18.

What is the group name of element neon?

noble gas family or group 18

What periodic group does the element neon belong to?

The element neon belong to the periodic group of noble gases, these are also called inert gasses. The element when under standard condition has no odor, no color and has a monatomic gas.

Where is the location of the element neon?

Group 18, period 2

What is the derivation for the element neon?

what is the derivation for the element neon? what is the derivation for the element neon?

Is neon an element or a compound?

Neon is an element.

Is neon an element or not?

Yes, neon is an element.

Is neon a mixture or element?

Neon - is an element.

Is neon an ionic or covalent compound?

Neon is an element in group 18. It is an inert element at standard conditions. It does not form any type of bonds at standard temperature and pressure.

What period and group is neon in?

Group:18 Period:2Block:pElement catagory:Noble gases

What compound makes up neon?

Neon is itself an element located in group 18 and the period 2 of the periodic table.

What is the period of the element neon?

Period Number: 2 Group Number: 18

Is Neon an organic molecule?

No, neon is an element on the periodic table located in group 18 of the periodic table, no element can be an organic on its own, although carbon is the basis of organic life. but your question is also flawed because a molecule is made up of a group atoms, not just one.

What element has the same family as neon?

Neon is in the noble gas family, or group 18, which contains helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon and ununoctium.

How does the element neon react with other elements?

Neon (Ne) is part of the Inert Gases - Group 0 Group and so is highly unreactive toward other elements.

Is the element neon magnetic or not?

Neon is a not magnetic element.

Is neon a pure element?

Neon gas is an element.

Is neon an element compound or mixture?

neon is an element.

What is the texture of the element neon?

the element neon has no texture

Is neon a element compound or a mixture?

Neon is an element

Is neon a compound or a mixture or a element?

Neon is an element.

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