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Most of the drafted men appeared to be between the ages of 19 & 26. Ages can be adjusted, based upon the needs of the service. But for the Vietnam War, those seemed to be the dominant group.

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What ethnic group is most affected by down's syndrome?

African Americans

What group was negatively affected by the Land Ordinance of 1785?

Native Americans

What minority group is affected by civil rights?

Blacks (African Americans)

Which group of people was most directly affected by the Fourteenth Amendment?

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How did some Americans protest the draft?

Burning their draft cards.

What did Americans do to avoid the draft?

Go to Canada or Mexico, or burn draft cards.

How did Americans who opposed the draft avoid it?

They ignored draft notices and became conscientious objectors.

How did the americans who opposed the draft avoid it?

They ignored draft notices and became conscientious objectors.

When did Americans opinions change about a peacetime draft?

As soon as they received their draft notice in the mail.

How did Americans who opposed draft avoid it?

They ignored draft notices and became conscientious objectors.

Why did most Americans oppose the Vietnam?

The draft.

Why were the Americans opposed to the Vietman War?

The draft.

Which ethnic group is affected the most by premature labor in the United States?

In the United States, prematurely has a greater impact on African-Americans.

What was the percentage of Americans that opposed the Vietnam War in 1969?

Based upon the hostility of the average person (man or woman) in the US at the time; probably 90%. The military draft had negatively affected people's attitudes towards the war; the draft meant they were involved in the war...and they resented that.

What were issues americans had with the vietnam war?

The draft. Clues (hints): Look up "draft card burning", "draft riots", and "fleeing to Canada."

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All three. Most of all what affected them the most was other people stupidness. Glad that is changing.

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what age group is affected most by TB

What caused Americans antiwar activities in Vietnam?

The draft.

Which people group opposed going to war?

The draft age group.

What group of people are affected by economic laws?

Everybody no matter what group they are in is affected by economic laws.

How did segregation affect African-Americans?

segregation affected African Americans in many ways, one way that it affected African Americans was by having them use separate facilities such as restaurants and playgrounds.

What were the main reasons for Americans opposition to the Vietnam war?

The draft.

What concerns did Americans have about the draft?

They feared military boot camps.

How did many young Americans resist the draft?

Going to Canada.

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