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jews,american polices and hindo narrow minded are global tterrorism

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A rise in average global temperature?

Global warming

What is a rise in global temperature called?

Global warming.

Is global warming the same as global temperature rise?


What is a general rise in global temperature called?

Global Warming.

Can ash cause global temperatures to rise?

ash cannot cause global temperatures to rise. At least not all the time

The rise in average global temperatures over time?

Global Warming.

What is a word that means a rise in average global temperatures?

Global Warming

Is climate change a rise in the temperature of the earth?

No, global warming is a rise in the temperature of the earth. Global warming is causing climate change.

Why has globalization contributed to rise of international terrorism?

Globalization can bring about dislocation and inequality.

What is The slow rise in temperature around the earth?


Where is global warming?

Global warming is everywhere, and everyone is affected. Oceans rise and cause inland migration, and temperatures rise to deadly conditions.

Do numbers rise every year for global warming?

Yes they do. Every year numbers rise for Global Warming. Sometimes it goes of the charts.

What causes rise in global temperature?

The Sun

Carbon dioxide in the air is causing the temperature to rise or fall?

To rise. This is global warming.

What is the overall rise in earth's average temperature called?

The rise in temperature is called Global Warming. This global warming of the earth is causing Climate Change. These two things are not the same thing.

Can humans be held competely responsible for global warming?

Here we are speaking of the increase in average global temperatures since the beginning of the Industrial Age. The rise in temperatures is consistent with the rise in greenhouse gas levels, which in turn is consistent with carbon dioxide emissions from human activities. However climate scientists cautiously say that human activities are "substantially" the cause of this global warming, leaving open the possibility that a much less substantial contribution could be found from natural causes. Thus the cautious answer could be that humans are substantially, if not completely, responsible for global warming that has occurred during the Industrial Age.

What causes the Earth's temperature to rise?

global warming

What is a rise in average glob temperature?

Global warming

Is global warming decreasing?

Global warming is currently still on the rise, as of September 2014. Specifically, temperatures are expected to rise by as much as 11 degrees by the year 2100.

What is a system of beliefs within a religion that is regarded as being extreme and may give rise to terrorism?


What are the possible causes in the global temperature rise?

Air Pollution

What is causing worldwide sea levels to rise?

global warming

Why nuclear power does not give rise to global warming?

What happens when carbon dioxide levels rise?

Global warming.

How will global warming will affect nature and people?

the ocean will rise.

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