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In addition to the Jews of Europe, many millions (I don't quote a number because it varies from source to source) of non Jews were specifically targeted by Hitler and the Nazis.

The first target were the people of Poland; "All Poleswill disappear from the world.... It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles." Heinrich Himmler

The next group were Jehovah Witnesses who were forced to wear purple armbands and thousands were imprisoned as dangerous traitors because they refused to take a pledge of loyalty to the Third Reich.

The Gypsies of Europe were historically treated the same as Jews. The Nazis believed both the Jews and the Gypsies were racially inferior and degenerate and therefore worthless. Their extermination was a parallel operation carried out using the same process as the extermination of the Jews.

All Europeans suspected of being a part of or supporting the underground and all conscientious objectors were targeted for death (no questions asked). Even though most German citizens were supportive of Hitler's plan to control Europe, there were German citizens who died because they refused to go along with Hitler's plan.

Pastors, priests, and clergymen were high priority targets. Hitler expected his followers to worship the Nazi ideology. Catholic priests and Christian pastors were often influential leaders in their community; they were sought out by the Nazis for transport to camps.

Homosexuals and those suspected of being homosexual were sent to the camps. Even SS soldiers who were suspected were sent to the camps wearing their SS uniforms with the pink triangle sewn on it. This was done to ensure they receive the worst treatment in the camps.

The Nazi regime decided early that it was a waste of money to support those who could needed care, so the disabledand mentally ill were disposed of. Even members of good Aryan families were destroyed without their families being informed; families would receive a notification from the institution saying that their relative had died of a disease and cremated. In reality, these people had been loaded into transport trucks with the exhaust line fed into the cargo area so all they needed to do was drive them to a disposal site. Later, a Propaganda agenda was launched throughout Germany to convince the public that euthanasia was the humane course.

During World War I, black African soldiers were recruited by the French during the Allied occupation. Some of these black soldiers married white German women that bore children referred to as "Rhineland Bastards". In Mein Kampf, Hitler said he would rid Germany all the children born of African-German descent.

The non Jewish spouses of German Jews were were forced to choose between divorce or concentration camps. Of course any mixed children would stay with the Jewish parent. Any of these non Jewish spouses who chose their family were sent to the camps.

Many other groups of varying types were also targeted. People who enjoyed or supported in any way, non-German, Nazified arts were considered degenerates. American jazz, impressionist art, and any science that didn't support the superiority of the Aryan race, just to name a few.

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Q: What groups did the Nazi target during the holocaust?
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People from all ethnic groups died during the holocaust, but the only ethnic groups that were specifically targeted by the Nazis for extermination were the Jews and the Roma, or Gypsies. The Jewish people were the primary victims of the Nazi camps.

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I assume you are referring to the Nazi Holocaust. If so, the answer is in the question itself - the Jews.

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Nazi leaders were not brought to justice during the Holocaust. That is why there was able to be a Holocaust. The Nazi leaders who survived were brought to trial after the war and the holocaust was ended. This was done by trying them in an international court of law before a panel of judges from the major allied countries.

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The Nazi party was in power in Germany during WWII and the Holocaust.

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Nazi party

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1945 was when the nazi holocaust was exposed

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Members of the Nazi Party were not targets.

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You could argue that the Nazi party was one large hate group.

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Treblinka was a Nazi death camp on the northern part of Poland during the Holocaust.

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True! No, False, the Nazi slaughtered millions of Jews during the WWI , the Holocaust was officially over at the end of WWII when the German troops surrendered.

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What were some conflicts for the holocaust children in the nazi war?"

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The purpose of the Nazi genocide of the Jews was to kill all Jews.

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The genocidal destruction of Jews by Nazi Germany during World War 2?

This was referred to as "The Holocaust" .