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What groups helped in the patriots war efforts who did each group contribute?


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France, Prussia, Spain


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France,Spain and Britain's old ally, Holland, also joined the fight on the side of the Patriots.

agriculture, copper and coal mining helped the war efforts

John Adams helped the Patriots by being one of the men to sign the Declaration of Independence during the Revolutionary War. My class studied it.

The French helped the Patriots when they where in battle.

john adams helped the patriots negotiate

Factors that helped the patriots win the war

The Europeans that helped the patriots included France, Holland, and Spain. They helped the patriots with loans as well as with the sale of cannons.

She wrote books that convinced people to become a Patriot. The Patriots helped the colonists become an independent state.

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

the patriots were doing good . they helped the loyalists with lots of things.

What invention helped to contribute to the start of the civil war and how did it help contribute to

Fertile soil has helped in the rebuilding efforts in farming activity whereby production is increased.

money, supplies, and troops to helped the patriots.

The patriots won it because the french helped them.

The possessive form is:American soldiers' efforts helped win the war.

John Paul Jones helped the Patriots' cause by refusing to surrender his ship.

Patriots were people who helped other people do things that were good for helping people so in conclusion they helped people so much that they helped the helpers help even more so in conclusion of that conclusion patriots are great at helping helpers that help us

Spain and France helped tremendously.

The french helped the Patriots win the war. They supplied troops from France to help fight against the British.

France, Spain, and Prussia helped in the Patriot war effort by donating large amounts of money.

He helped the patriots by being a spy

what forgin countries helped the patriots win the war and why?

Rookie defensive end Richard Seymour helped revitalize the 2001 New England Patriots defensive line.

NEW ANSWER:The most popular nations that helped financially and also gave supplies to the Patriots during the American Revolutionary War, was France and Spain.

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