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What gym leader do you have to beat to use hm cut in Pokemon HeartGold?


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I don't have heart gold but I'm sure it's like soul silver, you have to beat the 2nd gym leader which she uses bug type pokemon.

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to get cut in Pokemon heartgold, you need to help bring the farfetch'd back to the little kid in ilex forest after you beat the second gym leader bugsy.u get it from the man with a farfeched in azlea town

You have to beat a gym leader to unlock it

u beat the second gym leader and she will give u HM1 (aka, cut)

You get it right after you beat the first gym leader. (Its scripted.)

take it to a Pokemon daycare after you beat bugsy and learn the move cut or get alot of rare candies or battle tons of trainers

You have to get the hm, then, you have to beat bugsy, the Azalea town gym leader. After that, teach it to one of your Pokemon so you can cut down trees.

If you beat the 1st gym leader Fresh Water Man comes and gives it to you.

You have to get cut, which is given to you by someone in the game. You then have to beat a gym leader and get a badge to allow the Pokemon to use the move.

Go up where you enterd eterna cut the trees and enter

First teach your Pokemon cut then you must beat the 2nd gym leader now press Start and press A on Pokemon your Pokemon will be displayed choose the Pokemon you taught Cut to and press A on it a menu will show up with diffrent commands choose Cut now your Pokemon will use cut.

HM01 Cut is given to you by a person in Ilex Forest.

an oddish can learn cut in pkmn hg version

Simple. You need to beat the gym leader in Eterna City. She is only the second gym leader and her Pokemon are fairly easy.

You have to beat the gym leader gardenia then cut the trees in the top of the town beat every trainer and võilá you can get a bike

You get HM01 Cut from Ilex Forest. Use that to cut down trees.

You have to get HM01 from the house next to the Pokemon Center, but you have to beat Roxanne, the Gym Leader to be able to use HM01

You beat your first gym leader. When you come out of gym Fennel will be waiting for you. She will take you to her house and give you hm move cut.

win gum leader, receved cut HM, take a pokenaw, beat team aqua.

at mt silver and cut a tree at east

fly, cut, surf, waterfall, rock smash, strength, and rock climb (don't get till you beat all 16 gyms, from prof oak)

yes you can in the cerulian cave after you beat all 8 gyms of kanto it is level 70 knows attack swap, guard swap, and physco cut

you get it after you beet Gary on the ss anne you have to go to the captains room and then talk to him he will give you cut and then use it o beat lt surge the 3rd gym leader

U get The HM move CUT in Rustboro city ...but u will be able to use it only after u beat Rustboro's gym leader 'Roxanne'....

Go up to Galactic Tower and head right, Cynthia should appear and give you it.

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