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My sister had one of those. She kept hers in a fish aquarium. She laid down some type of small pebbles on the bottom that she bought at a pet store, they are designed for trantula's. She also had a water bowl and a sponge with water on it. For best results, ask someone who works in a pet store.


It depends entirely on the species. Some are more comfortable in a dry, desert-like habitat, and others prefer humid rain forest-like habitats. Aboreal species like to have things to climb on, whereas terrestrial species prefer burrows and other dark, cramped hiding places.

JuSt FoR fUn!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO PRETTY MUCH JUST TIPE IN IN Google OR WHAT, "Whats the habitat for a pet (spider name)."

so like me i was asking whats the habitat for a pet tarantula for a friend.

i just relized the first parughrph is one person then uder answer its another then ME under just fun.

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Q: What habitat does a tarantula require?
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How does a tarantula habitat look?

Does it look dark or light?

What is the most common Tarantula habitat?

There are 900 species of tarantula which means they are in every type of environment.

What habitat do the tarantula live in?

Pacific coast of Mexico and south America

What is the Mexican red knee tarantula habitat?

Cambodia, Their natural habitat is in deciduous tropical forests in the hilly southwestern Mexico, especially in Colima and Guerrero.

What do tarantulas eat and where do tarantulas live?

Tarantulas can eat crickets, mice or birds depending on what type of tarantula it is. The often live in humid warm climates like rainforests. If you are thinking of getting a tarantula I recommend buying an exo-terra habitat for it. I also recommend spraying the habitat with water every day and buying a heating mat thing to heat the habitat with.

Are Tarantulas endangered?

Some tarantula species are endangered because of habitat destruction and over-collection for the pet trade.

What layer of a rain forest does a tarantula live?

Is does not live in the rainforest Answer Actually it does...this person is wrong...Depending on the type of tarantula, the habitat may vary. Some tarantulas live in the desert such as the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula and the Goliath Bird Eating tarantula while some live in a rainforest environment such as the Pink Toe Tarantula, the Cobalt Blue tarantula, and the Rose Hair Tarantula. This is due to the humidity of the rainforest found in the country of CHILE(this is why it is actually called the Chilean Rose Tarantula)...DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PERSON. Sources: Have been studying to be an Arachnologist for 7 years Am an Actual owner of a Rose Hair/Chilean Rose Tarantula

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