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Q: What had the first teddy bear used to be made?
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What is the teddy bear used for?


Roosevelt used the teddy bear for his election in what year?

Roosevelt used the Teddy bear for his election in 1904. The hunting trip that started the teddy bear phenomenon had happened in 1902. The event was depicted in a political cartoon later that year.

Can you mix black teddy bear hamsters with brown ones?

Yes you can as long as they are both teddy bears. I used to have 1 brown and 1 black teddy bear hamster myself.

How did Teddy Bears change society?

it changed society because the teddy bear was used as a cuddly toy

What is polyester fiber used for in a teddy bear?

ask ur self

Why is violence nessasary?

Violence should only be used on a teddy bear

Can a teddy bear kill us?

The term teddy bear is usually used to refer to a stuffed animal toy, which is, of course, an inanimate object which cannot kill you. An actual bear is another matter.

Which us president is responsible for giving us the teddy bear?

Theodore Roosevelt's nickname was "Teddy". It was his nickname that we used to give the name "Teddy Bear" to the now well known toy given to children.

What Materials are used to make a teddy bear?

Vintage mohair and faux fur are common and popular furs used on teddy bears. Polyester and darcon are almost always used for stuffing and are the easiest to find. Eyes used to be made with glass beads but are now made from plastic are come in a variety of colours including metallic colours. The paws are usually made from heavy felt but using suede or leather would give the teddy bear a more authentic look.

How did Bear Grylls get his nickname?

His sister used to call him "Teddy Bear" the name stuck through his adult years then in the army!

Is there a difference between a teddy bear hamster and a bear hamster?

Teddy bear and bear hamsters are just show names used at pet stores. Unfortunately, some people take these names seriously. They are both Syrian hamsters. The only difference is their coat.

What symbols represent friends or friendship?

The most common symbol used for friendship is teddy bear..

Should you buy 2 teddy bear hamsters together?

In the stores they do have more than 2 in a cage. I would just be careful. I had a teddy bear hamster and added a short hair a while after and the teddy bear hamster chased the short hair around and eventually got used to them. Be careful though they may fight

What are the codes for the teddy bear moshi monsters?

There is no code for a teddy bear on Moshi Monsters.The Giant Gummy Bear and a Confetti Cannon are Limited Edition codes from Moshi Magazine #4.Limited Edition codes are unique, meaning they can only be used once.

How did the word teddy bear come to the English language?

A long time ago, in the country of india, there was an evil bear that the villagers named teddy. It was said the the British soldiers of Hoodlem company killed it finally. They used the bear fur to make smaller bears so the children would play with it. When the pilgrims came to the US, the kids brought those bears, at the time called teddy small bears. After a while, they shortened it to Teddy Bear!

What kind of allergies do teddy bear hamsters have?

A Teddy Bear Hamster's real name is a Syrian Hamster. Syrian Hamsters are often allergic to cedar and pine. That's why these should be used as bedding, chew toys, etc.

How do you make a crochet jumper or romper?

This is how i make it, and the results turned out pretty good. I made this for my teddy bear. You would need yarn (I used bernats baby sport), a crochet hook, a sewing needle, and scissors. First, I measured my teddy bear, and then crocheted it until it fits her or is a little big. Then, I crocheted 11 rows. (This is a bear from Build A Bear Workshop) After that, i ended it and then I start another one. I measured half of the first piece and crocheted that much. I then made 3 rows. I laid them out straight and sewed one of the half piece to the first piece. Then, I did the same to the second half piece. I sewed the whole thing together at the end and for the straps, I tied some yarn on. If you want accessories, you can make a simple bow or headband. I hoped this helped you and your teddy bear loves it new jumper or romper!

Who first used the bully pulpit?

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

Did World War 1 have the materials to make teddy bears?

Yes. They did have the materials to make them. They needed things like scissors, cloth, and beeswax to make them. Simple things like that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teddy bears were first made in 1902. They were named because Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a badly injured young bear that his hunting guides had captured and chained to a tree, because it "would not be sporting". What is usually forgotten is that as Teddy Roosevelt was walking away he told the guides to "put it out of its misery" and one of the guides then used his hunting knife to slice the bear's abdomen open spilling its guts on the ground. The bear died in extreme agony 15 to 30 minutes later! Sure they could make teddy bears in WW1!

What is a symbol that represents caring?

In modern, western cultures, a stylized heart or a teddy bear can sometimes be used to represent caring

Value of the stuffed teddy bear from radar in MASH?

well the cast actually made the time capsule and buried it but then the land was sold and capsule dug up by a construction worker the worker tried to give it to Alan Alda but he told the worker to keep it so then on July 29, 2005, the teddy bear used in the series was sold at auction for $11,800.

Lines used to ask a girl out?

hey baby what u you sayin i can be your teddy bear so i could hold u in my arms

What is the world largest teddy bear?

This is a One of a kind Teddy Bear. It is Handmade, Stuffed and very adorable. It is 9FT tall (when standing) and 5 feet wide. It weighs about 280 lbs and is very cozy. It is quite the celebrity. This teddy bear has been all around the world. Mainly used for decoration and promotional events, it truly is an eye-catching, heart stopping antique. Its origin is London, England. This teddy bear was specially made for Harrod's department store to put on display and then donated to a Christmas auction where it came into my hands. It has served its purpose with me, and now I am just looking to put it in a good home. It makes the most comfortable seat in the house! It has always been very well taken care of and is still in fantastic condition. The bear is worth $20,000 Make me an offer The World Record for the Largest Teddy Bear is by Jason Lynch President of E.G. Bear Company in Friendly, WV. The record was set on November 22, 2008 in Charleston, WV. The height of the bear is 61 feet tall and the bear is named Evan. Pictures of the bear can be found at Submitted by the artist.

What is peluche in Spanish?

its a fuzzy material like felt, but it's often used in context to mean "stuffed" as in stuffed animal, like oso de peluche, which means teddy bear, or stuffed bear.

What was archery first used for?

first used by indians to kill there meat such as bear fish deeer exc.