What hair color has the most hair on average?

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Blondes have the most with about 120,000 strands. Redheads have the least with 80,000. People with black or brown hair are somewhere in between the two. Answer It's to do with the gene pool and nothing more! Has nothing to do with hair color.
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What is the color of my hair?

Hair color is the colouring of hair follicles be cause of melanin,specificaly eumelanin and pheomelanin. When more eumelanin ispresent, the color of the hair is darker; when less eumelanin ispresent, the hair is lighter. Levels of melanin vary over time,which causes a person's hair color to change - ( Full Answer )

What color human hair has the most hairs per follicle?

Answer: There is only one hair per follicle, but natural blond hair has the most hairs than red or brunetts. Hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to the two types of melanin, eumelanin and phaeomelanin. Generally, if more melanin is present in the hair, the color of the hair is dar ( Full Answer )

Does hair color harm the hair?

Probably! Every time you dye your hair you use chemicals that fry your hair and can make it very dry and brittle. . Not all hair colourers damage your hair it depends which one you use, but normally most of them do!

What is the most common hair color?

Black and Brown are the most common hair colors in the world. I suppose it black or brown. Not blonde neither red. The most common hair colour is brown, followed by blond, red and then black/white. While it might seem that black hair is the most common, that hair usually isn't truly black but ( Full Answer )

What color hair do most Irish people have?

As most European populations, Irish are predominantly brown-haired. This is according to various anthropological studies done on various Irish populations at various times. One of them by the Harvard School of Anthropology proves that. Among adult males, 40% for dark-brown and 35% for medium brown ( Full Answer )

What color of hair do girls like the most?

well some of them like blonde but not that many now just a little bit. brown is kinda boring. so now the red is really popular but also the black. so it goes like this .. 1.red. 2.black. 3.blonde. 4.brown. some body that has another opinion please write it

What is the most popular hair color?

Blonde Although 65% of the population lives in India- not too many Blondes there. Black is the most popular hair color worldwide, in terms of naturalism. Black is the most common natural hair color around the world,followed by brown. Natural Blond is only found in about 2% of theworld's population. ( Full Answer )

What color hair will a baby most likely have if both parents have red hair?

Red hair is more likely because although it is a recessive gene (you need one from both the father and mother to get that trait), because both parents ar obvisiously carring it, the newborn would have a greater chance of getting the gene than a baby that has parents with any other color hair. There ( Full Answer )

How do you color your hair?

You can't another person must for the chemicals would be too dangerous if you did it yourself

What color was his hair?

It depends on whom you are speaking of! If you were, for an instance, to ask, what colour was my hair? Then, I could answer. But, what colour was his hair is too broad of a topic.

The most common hair color?

A dark hair color, like brunette or black, is the most common. Blondes are common also, but red-heads are the rarest.

What is the most popular hair colors for girls?

That wil vary in different countries of the world, and according to fashion at different times. That wil vary in different countries of the world, and according to fashion at different times. Well in America i would say that brown is the most popular for girls and boys. But blonde is prettier! ( Full Answer )

How do you color hair?

Well first you pick out the color and then go home put on the gloves that should come inside the box take the bottle ( If the bottle already is ready ) Just shake and start putting it in your hair, and read the box and see how long it says to leave it in. Then wait the amount of time written on the ( Full Answer )

What is the most rare hair color?

Either dirty blonde or ginger hair. Only 1 in 5 people would have ginger hair but dirty blonde is pretty rare coz it's not blonde but it's not brown so yeh :)

What color hair has most hairs on the head?

Brunettes have thicker hair than say blonds. So thicker hair appears like more hair, even though brunettes can have "fine" textured hair and it still look bigger. Just think of people from Indian cultures- they have more (thicker) hair than even African cultured peoples.

What is the most uncommon hair color?

This could be an extremely difficult question if your talking in general since people dye their hair all the time (Mine's dyed right now actually) but if you're talking about natural hair color then I believe that would be red hair. I'm not really sure why, it's a matter of genes I guess.

What is color is your hair?

\nMy hair is Light blonde on top, dirty blonde in the middle and brown on the bottom. I don't like it at all. :c

Which hair color has the most hair and why?

From what I have read in the past, blondes ( natural ones) have more hair, and they also lose more hair on a daily basis 50-100 strands a day. Blondes have some 150,000 hairs. Brunettes have about 100,000; while redheads have around 80,000 hairs.

What color hair do you have?

SO i would think YOUR hair would be BLACK,RED,PURPLE,BROWN,BLOND(YELLOW) AND MUCH MORE! (i am not going to list all the colours in the world ) (p.s just saying)

Does hair coloring damage hair?

If you're using a grocery store brand, then yes. If you're going to a salon it depends on what you're doing. The grocery store brands have minerals in them that are really bad for your hair's natural structure, where as a salon's brand TRIES to work with your hair. A good general rule to avoid to ( Full Answer )

What is the color of his hair?

At the moment, it's dark brown with a little grey mixed in.....until I cover his greys, and then it will be a nice deep brown.

Which hair color is safest for hair?

Temporary or vegetable dyes like henna are the safest for hair. These dyes do not cause a chemical reaction and contain no toxic materials. Also, semi and demi permanent dyes are not hard on hair because they contain little to no ammonia. ** A note on henna...the safest henna to use is Body Art Q ( Full Answer )

What color is hair?

well it depends if you are born wiht really light blonde hair you will most probobly have darkish blonde hair when your older if you are born with dark blone you will most proboly have dark brown hair but if your born with black hair you will have light brown hair this isn't always correct my hair ( Full Answer )

Why does hair coloring affect your hair?

There are several factors in hair coloring. . Bleaching your hair to a lighter color is the most damaging. Hair bleaches contain harmful chemicals that can permanently damage your hair. . Your hair getting damaged can be because of using permanent colors that is full of harmful chemicals like per ( Full Answer )

Do most hair colors have a red undertone?

no. only the darkest hairs have a red undertone. as you go up it changes to orange and then to yellow. so a person with dark blond light brown hair would have orange undertones while someone with dark brown hair would have red undertones and a light blond would have a yellow undertone.

When you color your hair does it spoil your hair?

Semi permanents and tempory colours are okay because they don't enter the hair. Permanents can cause damage they are over used and the hair is not being conditioned and looked after. But it is the same with everything, if you don't look after it you won't have it. Any chemical (synthetic/laboratory ( Full Answer )

How does hair get its color?

From the genes from your parents. The colour of your hair is determined by your genes. The colour is made of melanin. It is the pigment that is also responsible for the colour of your skin and is produced in the hair follicle. The amount of melanin and red somethings determine the color of your hai ( Full Answer )

Why do we have hair color?

Hair color is caused by the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin: eumelanin and phaeomelanin.If more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair is lighter. Levels of melanin can vary over time causing a person's hair color to chang ( Full Answer )

How does hair color effect your hair?

Professional Hair colour when mixed properly and customized to your type of hair by a hairstylist will coat your hair shaft, lift the cuticle and deposit the colour. It will make your hair feel slightly rough at first but if you use a good quality shampoo AND conditioner, it will feel silky and the ( Full Answer )

What color hair is Titan hair?

Various shades of Red, but the spelling should be TITIAN... The color "titian" takes its name from Titian, who often painted women with red hair.

On average do most people have brown hair?

Do the math! All of Africa has brown hair and same with Asia and Southern Europe and South America central America Carribean Aborigones I am not saying that everyone in these places have brown hair, it is just very hard to find a South African with blonde hair

What is the most wanted hair color?

hair color most coveted: Brunette; honey brown with golden streaks natural, healthy outdoors sun highlighted appearance "...Natural looking colour is a key driver of the "right" colour acceptance in the North American retail colourant market" used to be blonde or dirty blonde

How hair color damages the hair?

Hair dye from the grocery store is damaging in a way that the minerals and "dyes" you get in a box color are harsh on your hair's natural structure. The color at a salon is less damaging by far, but it really depends on what you're looking to do. "Permanent" hair color at the salon uses a "develo ( Full Answer )

How do you tell what hair color your hair is?

look at it? actually there are Thea's swatch books that have hair samples of different colors and the colors correspond to letter and number combinations to identify a hair coloring product this is used to mach and chose colors all manufacturers/brands of hair color have there own letter/number codi ( Full Answer )

How do you color my hair?

Go to the Salon/Barber shop, and say, "Can you color my hair?". That's how you color your hair. Another way is to get spray paint and spray your hair! Well I've told you all I know:)

Is hair color good for your hair?

This depends on the hair color itself. There are some hair color products that will correct mistakes that has been done to your hair. Without any of these items if you get a bad hair color job, you would have to wait until the color fade off or grow off. Some colors helps put tones back in your hair ( Full Answer )

What color hair do most french people have?

French people in the west and east have brown hair. French people in the south and north have dirty blonde hair, orange hair, or something like that.

Why is hair color damaging to your hair?

At home box color usually has very high amounts of ammonia and sidekicked with the developer that is used with the hair color opens and swells the cuticle of the hair shaft. Thus resulting in damage.

What is the most popular hair highlight color?

Mostly red and gold, some people make theirs a little lighter or darker than their hair. tip, most people like the darker color in the front than light than back to dark ect.

What is the most common hair color to dye?

apart from the obvious such as brown or blonde, most people are going for deep red or darkish burgundy. but this only looks good if you have brown hair. i suggest brown highlights if you are blonde.

Which shade is the most popular hair color in the world?

A brown pigment to hair is the most common in the world and therefore the most popular as many people have no desire to change the colour of hair they were born with. Hair colour depends upon melanin and this can vary over time.