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Blondes have the most with about 120,000 strands. Redheads have the least with 80,000. People with black or brown hair are somewhere in between the two. It's to do with the gene pool and nothing more! Has nothing to do with hair color.

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What is the most common hair color for Jews?

any hair color

What is the most common hair color in Australia?

Blond is the most common hair color in Australia.

What is the average male hair color?


What color hair has the most hair follicles?


What color hair do most Jewish people have?

Jewish people can have any color hair, but the majority have brown hair.

What is the average female hair color?

That would be brown.

What color human hair has the most hair on the head?

Black, it has the most melanin so the hair is thicker

Which color hair has the most hairs?

Obviously Blonde Hair

What color was Demeter's hair?

most likeky brown hair

What is the most common hair color in america?

black hair.

What is the most popular hair color in america?

You can't answer it because time by time the most popular hair color in America changes

What is the most popular hair color on women?

black color

Does your hair have to be blonde to be a girlygirl?

The color of your hair has no influence in what you want to be. Whether you are a tom-boy or a girly-girl or just average depends on how you feel. If you like a lot of make up and like to shop excessively then you most likely are a girly-girl, but that has nothing to do with your hair color.

What color hair do most Ireland people have?

Most Ireland people have brunette colored hair

What color is Jaden Smith?

he is a golden color with the most softest hair

How many strands of hair does an average person have?

The average person has between 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair. Depending on hair color and ethnicity, can either increase or decrease the amount of hair strands.

What the most common hair color?


If a father has pitch black hair and the mother has red hair what color hair will the baby have?

Actually there is no answer to this. The baby will most likely have black or red hair, maybe brown since its the most common hair color. But it could also have blonde hair...or gold. My parents both have black hair and i have brown hair, really light brown. So the hair color is suprise.

What is the most natural color?

blonde The most common hair color is brown. A natural color is whatever a person is born with.

What is the most dominant hair color?

Black hair. (See China & India )

What hair color do Finnish people have?

Most Finnish people have brown hair.

If a women has red hair then is that the color of her pubic hair?

most likely yes

If a guy has brown hair and a girl has black hair what color will the baby's hair be?

Most likely it will be brown hair. :)

What colour hair do most people in the world have?

Well what COLOR of hair do most people have is black or brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What hair color did Venus the goddess have?

Most likely black because most Greeks have black hair.

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