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Yes, usually from 9a to 6p.

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Q: What hair salons are open Memorial Day weekend?
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Are hair salons open on New Year's Day?

No no one is open on New Years Day besides clubs bu no Hair salons are

When are the hair salons open in Pokemon HeartGold?

no where

At what time should you open your pool?

around memorial day weekend or the week before that if you want to go swimmimg memorial day weekend. i do it the week before memorial day weekend

When does the Stuart heights pool in Chattanooga TN open?

Usually the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May).

What time do hair salons usually open?

Usually around nine or ten for most salons I have seen or been to. It depends on where you live. Some city areas open as early as eight.

When do swimming pools open in Virginia?

June 11 2012

When does the south pool open in superior CO?

It usually opens in Memorial Day Weekend

What hair salons are open on Thanksgiving?

The M salon in Beverly Hills, CA will be available on Thanksgiving Day.

Are amusement parks open on Memorial Day?

Yes, most amusement parks are open on Memorial Day. Expect to find large crowds and long lines. Disneyland will be open 9 am to 12 midnight on Memorial Day and is a top destination for many Californians during the Memorial Day weekend.

What time do hair salons usually close on Saturday?

That depends on where in the world you live. In some parts they don't open at all.

Can you buy a gun on Memorial Day weekend?

Yes, many gun shops and sporting goods stores are open on the holiday.

When is Coney Island opening in 2011?

The park usually opens on Easter weekend. It is open on weekends only from Easter to Memorial Day. From Memorial Day to Labor Day it is open 7 days a week, and then it is open only on weekends again from Labor Day to mid-to-late October. The park opens for its 2011 season this weekend, April 22 (Easter Sunday is April 24). Starting Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day) it will be open 7 days a week.