What hapend to yoda?

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in star wars episode vi retern of the jedi yoda crashes his ship and died he died not becase of the crash he was just 900years old
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Who is Yoda?

YODA . Yoda is the oldest Jedi alive. He was 880 years old in Episode 1. When he died in the sixth episode, he was 900. . He is a green animal with white hair. He walks w

Why war hapend?

With respect to the influence and mind-set of Adolf Hitler himself,World War II happened for one simple reason: Hitler was determinedto engage in a campaign of conquest. Even

What is Yoda?

He is a 900 year old creature form the well known series, Star Wars . Yoda is a Whill from a planet called Grentarik.

What hapend in the Cuban missile crisis?

During the Cold War Russia sent nuclear weapons to Cuba because the us had outdated missiles in Turkey. In the end the US used a naval blockade and forced the Russians out.
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What hapend in 1099?

God was Born, kthanxbai
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What hapend of your relationship?

I know! That is what I was asking! But probably I can't believe the real answer which is "No, please."
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Is yoda a yoda?

No he's a jack rabbit stupid
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What hapend to aquitania?

many people said it sank but this is a myth nobody knows the true secret of Aquitania
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Yoda who is?

Star Wars character