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After his son leaves, Siddhartha meditates by the river and realizes that life is inevitable. He and Vasudeva meditate by the river, listening to the sound of the "Om" and Siddhartha no longer doubts his life or second guesses himself. He is at a state of Peace, and his enlightenment shows. Therefore, Vasudeva leaves Siddartha as the new ferryman. Word is out that a wise man lives on the river, and Govinda seeks out for his advice. Siddhartha tells him that enlightenment cannot be taught, it has to be acheived through your Self. Knowledge can passed along, but you must earn your own wisdom. He tells him that the word is complete, and you have to learn to accept it as it is. Govinda then kisses Siddhartha on the forehead, and through that, he too reaches enlightenment

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Q: What happen at the end of the book Siddhartha?
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