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The segregation period was a time when blacks were prohibited from certain activities within white society. Blacks could not live in the same neighborhoods or use the same water fountains as white persons.

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When does segregation happen during meiosis?

In anaphase I of meiosis

When does segregation and independent assortment happen during meiosis?

anaphase I

What time period was Rosa parks born in?

during segregation time

Which of the following are examples of social norms during the Regency period?

The segregation of males and females.

What happens to the allele during segregation?

What is segregation? What happens to alleles during segregation

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What are four challenges African Americans face during reconstruction?

Segregation, segregation, segregation, and segregation

Racial segregation during the post civil war period was ruled constitutional by the supreme court in?

plessy v. Ferguson

What is uneven segregation of chromosomes during meiosis called?

Segregation distortion, non-mendelian segregation.

What was life like for black people during segregation?

segregation was awesome during segregation for black people

How do you stop segregation?

I stop it by telling people that we are the same no matter what happen when segregation stated

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What happened during segregation?

During segregation blacks were kept separate from whites. This is because blacks were not viewed as equal to the whites.

Why was segregation allowed to happen?

Segregation has always happened, and always will. The only way to stop segregation is to eliminate any kind of individuality within people.

The chromosomes duplicate during the period between mitosis?

Chromosomes are copied during mitosis. This does not happen after mitosis.

What is segregation in biology?

Segregation in biology is The separation of alleles for the same trait during meiosis.

How was segregation different in the north then the south during the 1920s?

unlike he north, segregation in the north was

What was happening during segregation?


Was segregation during Reconstruction?


When does law of segregation happen in meiosis?

In anaphase I of meiosis

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