What happen to Mkabayi after Shaka died?

She orchestrated the line of succession. Even though Zulu tradition stipulated that a man who killed his brother could not succeed his brother, she lied to ensure that Dingane could succeed his brother Shaka. This was despite the fact that Dingane had a direct hand in Shaka's assassination. When Dingane was challenged by Mhlangana, Mkabayi had Mhlangana killed by henchmen so that Dingne could succeed. With Dingne on the throne, Mkabayi warned him that the boers were practising witchcraft against the Zulu. Dingane believed this and had Piet Retirf assassinated, along with his followers. This cowardly act led to Dingane's downfall; he was succeeded by his brother Mpande, it is doubtful that Mkabayi lived to see Mpande's reign.