Ford Expedition XLT

What happen to the engine when it start allowing water to mix with the oil?


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You have a blown head gasket.

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check for holes in the casing around the engine that might be allowing water in the engine and flooding it.

Start the engine. The water will evaporate from the heat generated by the engine.

DON'T!! Dry the engine out first. If you try and start an engine full of water you will blow it. After it is dry, start it like you normally would.

The soil will start to dry up if there is no water or if there is not enough water in the soil.

u need to flush engineuse right viscocity oilfrom flood water in engine you have some debri left in engine that is not allowing lifters to seat properlyprobably still have some water in lifters

nothing will happen. the cycle would start again

pull the spark plug out and start turning the engine over and watch the water fly!

All the water molecules will start separating and will spread.

No, but if you start a water-cooled engine with a broken water pump, your engine will soon fail from extreme overheating.

The best way to cool down an overheated car engine is to park the vehicle. Allowing the engine to cool down naturally avoids all potential hazards and it is also safer for the engine. If you must start the cooling process immediately, pour cool water over the radiator and upper and lower hoses.

You cannot use water in an engine instead of petrol. The internal combustion engine of a car or truck requires the ignition of gases in order to create power. This doesn't happen with water.

Antifreeze helps by not allowing the coolant to freeze and possibly crack the water passages of the block.

the water from the lake will start to decrease

Start the engine. Most of the water will be blown out and what is left will evaporate from the heat.

Brake fluid can corrode your water pump. If you didn't start the engine after installing the brake fluid, then pump the reservoir empty, flush it with water and refill it with proper coolant. If you DID start it, you need to flush the whole cooling system.

As in the engine? Don't attempt to start it. Water expands when it freezes. If the water in your engine block has frozen there is a good possibility that damage has been done to the block.

If you are driving and water is sucked up in your engine it will ruin your engine. but if the car is sitting in water not running dont even try to start it. Drain all fluids out of the car and replace them all with new fluids.

If water got into the engine, there is a good chance it is ruined, the water would cool the cylinders and pistons causing warping. Same effect could be from the engine cooling off too fast by entering a pond. Chances are if water got into the engine, it is gone!

the one possibility that i can think of is that your thermostat is stuck in the closed position not allowing the water to circulate threw the engine

When the water is evapourated, the water cycle starts as th water is evapourated, if the clouds are too heavy,it will start raining.

A defective O2 sensor will not prevent the engine from starting. The engine will start and run albeit not as it should.

Thermostat probably needs replacing They can stick not allowing enough water to flow around the engine block If the engine overheats it can warp the head or blow the head gasket

Do you have an exhaust leak? Do you happen to have have an exhaust leak or a damaged water pump bearing?

This is condensation and it is normal for that to happen.

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