What happen to the liquid in a thermometer when it gets warm?


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The liquid expand from heat. We use these expansion to indicate temperature. Common thermometer liquid is Mercury and alcohol.

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The liquid in the thermometer must steady its temperature first before measuring the temperature of the warm water as the warm water is hotter.

When you add heat to liquid water it gets warm. If it gets warm enough it will boil and evaporate.

what happen to the liqiud inside the themomter it expands when placed in warm or hot water and the liquid rises. it contracts when placed in cold water and the liquid decreases.

it rises because the molecules are expanding the space between each other and they have nowhere else to go but up. when it is cold the molecules move closer to each other therefore the liquid will appear to be moving downward.

A thermometer measures how warm something is.

No, this is backwards. When air gets warm it can hold more water vapour so liquid water will evaporate.

a type of liquid insulator that gets warm when you shake it. it is used to warm cold areas of a person. For example, if my boyfriends penis is cold, i get a hot compress and rub it on his penis so it gets warm. or give him a blowjob. i love that.

Because your finger doesn't give you a number for temperature. And also, if the liquid is quite warm, it can burn your finger obviously. The thermometer on the other hand is made to deal with extreme temperatures, unlike your finger. It gives a precise, almost accurate reading of the temperature.

That is the fan cooling the liquid in the radiator to keep the engine from over heating.

Inside a thermometer is a liquid, such as alcohol or mercury. When the liquid comes into contact with something warm, it's particles gain energy, causing the substance to expand and take up more room within the thin tube. When the liquid comes in contact with something cold, that cusses the liquid to squish together.

Evaporation is when a liquid turns into a gas. It can happen when liquids are cold or when they are warm. It happens more often with warmer liquids.

Liquid nitrogen changes to a gas when it gets warm enough. The temperature varies only slightly with pressure; at normal atmospheric pressure it is 77K, or in degrees Celsius -196.

This is possible becaue exit a linear relation between the temperature and the dilatation of a liquid.Thermometers with liquid contain mercury, colored ethanol, melted gallium, etc.

they get warm, and just like a thermometer, the ink runs up and out

Switch it off & remove the battery. Place it somewhere warm - such as on top of a warm (NOT hot !) radiator, with the battery cover removed, so that any liquid inside the phone should evaporate. Leave it at least eight hours (preferably overnight) and it should work.

what will happen to aquatic organisms if the water is too warm

The air inside cools. Cool air shrinks. The balloon gets smaller.

A thermometer. You can get them for a grrrreat price at

they conduct the heat from matter around them, and warm up. Once the water gets warmer than 32 celsius, it turns into liquid

U should prolly pusome more compressed liquid nitrogen because youre prolly running out. and the cahh gets too hoott for the nitrogen to stand it.

because heat rises and when it does it has a chance of the heated molecules to hit the colder ones and transfer heat

Lol, no it doesn't, gets colder as it rises.

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