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What happen to the nazi after WW2?

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Q: What happen to the nazi after WW2?
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What happen to Poland in September of 1939?

on September 1st, 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi, and that's the reason of why WW2 started.

What is the history of the Nazi propaganda?

Nazi Propaganda all bases behind Joseph Goebbels. He was the minister of propaganda during WW2 for Nazi Germany.

Who was Alfred Jodl?

Alfred Jodl was a Nazi general in WW2.

When did the Nazi empire collapse?

shortly after Britain beat them in ww2.

Why were the Nuremberg trials made?

To prosecute the WW2 Nazi criminals.

who was involved in ww2?

There were a lot of countries involved in ww2 like Nazi germany , UK and the Soviet union who were in the allies and the japanese who were in the axis

What was the date that the war between nazi and Germany start?

The Nazis in WW2 and the Germans in WW2 are effectively the same people.

What happen at the nuremburg trials?

The Nuremberg Trails took place after WW2. They were meant to prosecute Nazi leaders that were still alive. Many of these leaders were sentenced to death and were hung.

What effects came from Hitler being chosen for the Nazi party?


When is Albania an republic?

After the WW2 following the liberation of the country from the German Nazi.

Why was the leader of the Nazi party in Germany?

before ww2 it was Adolf Hitler

The Battle of Britain was the first major what was it?

Defeat of the German/Nazi forces in WW2.

What was the treaty that started WW2?

The Nazi-soviet pact of 1939 to invade Poland

When did the neo nazi start in the US?

immediately after ww2 before the Korean war

When did the Nazi book burnings end?

I think once the Holocaust/WW2 ended

Was The first opportunity for the Nazi movement came after World War 2 true or false?

false, the Nazi movement took hold in Germany before WW2 and played an important part in creating the environment that lead to WW2

What country was attacked first in WW2?

Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany. Britain and her allies subsequently declared war, thus starting WW2.

Was the Nazi party a main cause of world war 2?

In European parts. On Asia-Pacific side, Nazi party was a not a cause of WW2

When were Nazi cartoons first created?

The anti-Nazi/Japanese cartoons were popular just prior to the outbreak of WW2 and during the war as well .

Where was the Nazi party HQ in 1923?

Munich - where the HQ remained till the end of WW2.

Who helped Jews?

Albanians helped and hidden the Jews from nazi agressors in the WW2 era.

What was the Nazi Germany flag called?

The flag that was used in WW2 by Hitler was called a Swastika

Is Auschwitz a ghetto?

no. it was a Nazi camp used to hold, and kill Jews during ww2.

What was the treaty signed by Hitler and Stalin in the beginning of WW2?

Nazi-Soviet nonagression pact.

Who imprisoned Jews and put millions to death?

The Nazi Party in Germany during WW2.