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Since the Ksp of AgBr is less than the Ksp of AgNO3, you can predict that the AgBr will precipitate out of solution and leave NO3- in the solution

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AgNO3 (aq) is the formula for aqueous silver nitrate.

Sodium bromide is NaBr and silver nitrate is AgNO3.

Yellow Precipitate of Silver Bromide

Silver bromide is insoluble in water and don't react with sodium nitrate.

The reaction is: KBr + AgNO3 = KNO3 + AgBr The silver bromide is insoluble in water.

When a substance is aqueous, it means that it is dissolved in water. In aqueous reactions, the reaction is always a double replacement reaction, meaning one ion of a compound will switch with an ion from the other compound. A precipitate is an substance that is not soluble in water, meaning it cannot be dissolved. You can tell whether or not a substance is precipitate using a solubility chart. Therefore, using a solubility chart, we can tell that the product silver bromide will be the precipitate and the product potassium nitrate will be aqueous.

Add silver nitrate solution to a solution of bromide ions. A pale yellow precipitate of silver bromide formed indicates the presence of bromide ions.

The precipitate will be silver bromide, as long as the solutions of the reagents are sufficiently concentrated.

Silver chloride, which is very insoluble, would precipitate out of the solution

Can ethanoyl chloride form white precipitate with silver nitrate aqueous

The reaction is:AgNO3 + KBr = AgBr = KNO3Silver bromide is a precipitate.

Pale yellow precipitates of silver bromide are formed. AgNO3 + LiBr ----> AgBr + LiNO3

Answer: Silverchloride,Silver iodide,silver nitrate,silver bromide,silver chlorate,silversulphate,silveroxide.silvercarbonate.

No, they don't react with each other in aqueous solution and on heating nitrate becomes decomposed.

An aqueous mixture of zinc chloride and silver nitrate would be insoluble silver chloride. Water and oxides of nitrogen will also be produced during the reaction.

This equation is:AgNO3 + KBr = AgBr(s) + KNO3Silver bromide is a white precipitate.

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