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Q: What happen when bending become too much note happen separate the rulers and re attach only slightly?
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How does thermal expansion affect the accuracy of the pendulum clock?

the pendulum gets longer ever so slightly and therefore the clock thinks that they are still seconds but they are slightly longer than seconds. This means that gradually it will become slower and slower.

What is the meaning of particulate inhalation?

Particulate- of or relating to minute separate particles Inhalation- the act or an instance of inhaling Combined definition would be the inhalation of small separate particles. Such as to avoid i would assume. Like a precautionary statement on a can of spray paint saying to avoid as to not to become intoxicated. Whats with the question, why did u ask?

Why is it hard for the results of one experiment to become a theory?

For something to become a theory it must be widely recognized as a legitimate way to answer the certain question. The trouble with the results of one experiment is that it may be true or perhaps the results depend on a hidden variable or more. If the results are replicated under slightly different conditions, we become more confident in the generalizing of the results. (Concept: It happened in this experiment vs. it will happen in all similar experiments.)

How does electro magnatism work?

Electromagnetism occurs when an electric current aligns the atoms to create the field. To try an experiment with electromagnetism, simply take an IRON nail, or other iron object and loop around it wire, insulated or uninsulated. The more loops you put around it, the stronger the field. Then on one side of the wire attach the positive (+) terminal of a battery, and then attach the negative side to the other. This will create a magnet, however DO NOT run constantly, as the wire will become VERY HOT! (Any battery voltage, 1.5V is a good starting point) Then, just add a magnet object to test to see if it works.

If you rub a polythene rod with a cloth will it become magnetic?

No, it will not become magnetic. It will become electrically charged.

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Can you become a water bendier now?

No, water bending is only in the movies

Where in Avatar the Last Airbender for DS do you become a earth bending master?

earth kingdom

How do you become a fire bender?

If you go to and go to the links menu there will be a page for fire bending! It takes time but Good luck!

How do you make a rainbow from white light?

White light contains all wavelengths of colors. To make a rainbow, you need to separate those wavelengths (colors). This is accomplished by bending, or diffracting light. Different wavelengths of light are bent differently when they are passed through a transparent prism. When they are bent diffrently, they start to separate from one another and become visible to the eye as different colors.

How and why do magnets attach?

They become attracted from the positive and negitively charged atoms. When these atoms come together, they attract to each other which makes the magnets attach.

When did Connecticut become a separate colony?

In 1635 .

When sindh become a separate province?


Is it legal to attach assets from the girlfriend of your exhusband if she moves in?

No her assets become community (shared)

Why is it dangerous to attach many plugs to a socket?

the outlet will become overloaded and can start a fire

How do some atoms in covalent bonds become slightly negative or slightly?

The pull of one atom is slightly stronger,or weaker than the pull of the other atom.

Who did Canada separate from to become an independent country?

The french.

When did the burgesses become a separate legislative body?

In 1640