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What happend during the progressive era?


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the U.S. became the most productive industrial nation on earth

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How did the initiative idea function during the progressive era?

* President Theodore Roosevelt * President Woodrow Wilson * President William Taft Were all Presidents during the Progressive Era.

A major goal of the farmers during the Progressive Era was to correct the abuses of big business and to end segregation in the south.

The one goal of Americanization movement during the progressive era was that to make immigrants more loyal and moral citizens.

labor unions were workers on strike during the progressive era demanding better working conditions & shorter working hours.

it is not this: it Did not help the cause of reform during the progressive era so u have three mor to guess from

Socialism was a failure during the Progressive era because socialist parties and organizations failed to establish socialism and only aided the progressive and social-liberal movement by lending support to progressive causes while de-emphasizing socialism.

The Progressive Era was from the 1890s to the 1920s.

There were several important events that took place during the Progressive Era. Two of these events were the passing of the Homestead Act and the first Transcontinental Railroad.

New people were elected into the office during the progressive era. Things were getting better and people were smarter. They elected new people as the government.

they were presidents during the Progressive Era

Which group benefited the most from progressive legislation.

I suppose yes during the progressive era, considering the women's suffrage movement. Mostly those involved during the industrialization of America already had the right to vote.

Two problems during the Progressive Era were political corruption and an ineffective government. Other problems included poor working conditions for laborers, and high prices for consumer goods.

We are emerging into a progressive era with Obama's second term.

They are effective in any era because they highlight the problems.

states have jurisdiction over election procedures

The removal of the gold standard on the dollar

corruption, spoil system(patronage), muckrakers.....

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