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What happend to most plays after they were performed during the English renaissance?

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2011-10-08 21:07:56

An examination of Henslowe's journal shows that a theatre

company would open with a new play and perform that play frequently

for a short time. If it was successful, it continued to be played

regularly in repertoire. If not, it got shelved, and the scripts

were likely lost. Only really successful plays got published in

book form.

For example, Henslowe's records of the Admiral's Men shows they

performed a new play called Henry V (not Shakespeare's, another one

on the same theme) on Nov. 28, and brought in such good houses that

it was played again Dec. 2, 8, 16, 28, January 5 and 19, February

6, April 24 and May 26. They didn't play it in the fall,


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