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Hirohito remained the Emperor of Japan until his death in 0001.

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Japanese emperor during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito.

Who was the head of the Japanese military in World War 2?

Emperor Showa was head of the Japanese military during the Second World War.

What caused the Japanese Emperor to have reduced power after World War II?

The Japanese constitution greatly diminished the power enjoyed by the Emperor.

Who was the Japanese premier during World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito

Japanese emporer during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito

Who was on the throne at the time of World War 2?

The Japanese Emperor Hirohito .

Who was the Japanese leader in world war 2?

The Japanese Emperor was HirohitoThe Japanese Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo

In japan who was believed to be a god before world war 2?

the Japanese Emperor..................

Who led the japanese in world war 2?

The Emperor Hirohito, who was regarded as a Deity.

What caused the the Japanese emperor to have reduced power after the World War 2?

my mom

How was Emperor Hirohito viewed by the Japanese public after World War 2?

he was very discrased

In the trials for war crimes after world war 2 the Japanese emperor was sentenced to death True or False?


Why didn't the Americans remove the Japanese Emperor at the end of World War 2?

If the Americans removed the Japanese emperor from the throne there would have been instability and maybe a communist uprising in post war Japan ,with keeping the emperor on the throne they kept the symbol of Japan's traditions

What happend to the Japanese during WW2 in Canada?

Most Japanese were interned for the duration of the war.

What was emperor Hirohito best known for?

Emperor Hirohito was best known for being the Japanese Emperor during the Second World War, and the first Emperor of Japan that most Americans, British & Dutch had ever heard of. He was instrumental in forcing the Japanese government (controlled by the Army) to offer to surrender to the Allies. He was primarily a figurehead only for Japanese actions during the war, and was allowed to remain Emperor after the war by the Allied Occupation Powers. Note: the current photo above is of General Tojo, the head of the Japanese government for most of the war, and one of the primary architects of Japan's war of conquest and a war criminal.

What happend to emperor hirohito at the end of the war?

He remained as emperor the Allies thought it was a good idea to keep him on the throne

Who was the emperor of Japan after World War 2?

The Japanese surrender was conditional on the USA respecting the Emperor. Emperor Hirohito remained head of state of Japan until his death in 1989.

What caused the Japanese emperor to have reduced power after world war 2?

The emperors decision to reform the govermment.

Who were important Japanese people from World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito, Admiral Yamamoto, and Hideki Tojo were three major japanese characters in WW2.

What was the Japanese leaders political party during world war 2?

Japan had a "Monarch" government during WW2. Their monarch was headed by an Emperor; Emperor Hirohito.

What happend to cause Japanese internment?

Fear, revenge, and a declaration of war.

Who was the Japanese military leader during World War 1?

The Emperor Hirohito was the Commander in Chief. The Emperor's Minister of War was General Tojo.

Was the Japanese emperor sentenced to death after the war crimes for world war 2?

No , Hirohito : April 29, 1901 - January 7, 1989 .

Why did America attack Nagasaki in world war 2?

To try and force the Japanese emperor to surrender so that the second horrid world war could come to an end.

Was the japanese emperor sentenced to death after world war 2?

After the war, he was not prosecuted for war crimesas many other leading government figures were, despite his involvement.