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What happend when Billy Bishop fought the red baron?


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April 30, 2010 2:04AM

Billy Bishop was in a dogfight with 7 Canadian planes (Nieuports) against 5 German planes (Albatrosses. von Richthofen's squadron of 4 planes joined the fight.

von Richthofen and Bishops separated from the main fight and had a dogfight between what were to become each side's highest scoring ace of the war.

Bishop had one clear shot at von Richthofen but his gun jammed. After he cleared his gun, they had a dogfight but he never had another clean shot. Bishop claimed he put some holes in von Richthofen's plane but didn't bring it down.

The .30 caliber machine guns slow firing machine guns used by planes in WWI required a lot of hits to take down a plane. The only quick way to bring down an opponent was a lucky shot hitting the pilot or a vital engine component.