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13000 people have died from lightning in a 100 year and it is acally the copllor red

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If lightning strikes sand, glass is formed.

A fulgorite, a knobbly, uneven rod of fused sand may form when lightning strikes sand.

When lightning strikes sand it create what is called a folgerite

Yes, if lightning strikes sand (as on a beach), the intense heat of the lightning strike can fuse the sand into glass.

the lightning heats up the sand causing the silica in the sand to melt causing natural glassthese are called "fulgurites". and yes, this is awesome. happens in the above answer occurs when HEAT strikes sand, not lightning (although lightning has extreme heat, this is not the correct answer). Sand is considered "ground" if you are touching sand during a thunderstorm you are grounded.(: Hey!!

O3 - Ozone is left in the air in the vicinity of the strike. If the lightning strikes solid stone and other hard materials it can leave a black or white char mark. If it strikes sand it can produce glass.

Yeah, a plane will crash if lightning strikes it.

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Everything Is vulnerable to damage from lightning strikes

Florida has the highest rate of lightning strikes.

The duration of Before the Lightning Strikes is 1.6 hours.

Africa gets the most lightning strikes.

Lightning Strikes Twice was created in 1989-09.

I would just call it "lightning striking sand".

Electronics would not affect the way lightning strikes.

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Lightning strikes about 100 times per second.

About 3,000 fires a year are started by lightning strikes.

Trees, tall buildings, large clearings. Lightning strikes the tallest point.

Florida has the most lightning strikes in the nation as well as the most deaths by lightning.

Fulgurites are objects of natural glass that are formed in certain instances when lightning strikes and fuses rock or silica sand. Technically, fulgerites are a form of igneous rock.

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Lacy Dancer has written: 'Lightning strikes twice' 'Lightning strikes twice'

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its where a facility sees where lightning strikes and if it is bad or not

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