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What happens to the baby if the mother drink alcohol?

the baby can be born with fetal alcohol syndrome

How does alcohol affect an unborn baby?

Alcohol abuse by a pregnant woman can cause her baby to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The baby can have lifelong problems with both mental and physical development.

What is it called when a baby is born from a mother who does drugs?

A drug/substance-addicted baby. There are many other names such as "crack baby", "ice baby", "meth baby" etc, etc....there's also fetal alcohol syndrome, which is the effect a baby has from a mother who drank alcohol during their pregnancy.

What happens when pregnant woman drink alcohol and smoke?

There is an increased risk that the baby can be a still born be born prematurely.

If you are someone who drinks and you get a girl pregnant would the baby be addicted to beer when its born?

No for the baby to get addicted it has to be the mother who drinks alcohol so the through her the baby gets it.

What can alcohol cause miscarriages?

If you drink a lot during a long time it might but it's rare. More likely will the baby be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

What are the effects of prenatal alcohol on a fetus?

Alcohol harms the development of the fetal nervous system, and if there is too much alcohol, the resulting baby will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, a serious and incurable condition that will cause problems for his or her entire life.

Will you lose your baby if you drink liquor?

It is more likely that your baby would be born with physical, learning or mental difficulties. The most common problem when the mother has drunk large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy is fetal alcohol syndrome

Can drinking alcohol cause a miscarrage?

If you drink allot of it it could. You shouldn't drink when pregnant, for many reasons, one simply being that a baby born from an alcohol will also be dependent on alcohol and cry all the time.

Can two to three alcoholic beverages hurt the baby?

YES, Remember it's like handing your baby a bottle full of alcohol. It is not healthy for your baby at all. Atleast wait until after your baby is born. She or he is counting on you to nurish her/him.

When will effects from drugs and alochol have the worst effects on an unborn baby?

The entire pregnancy. Every moment until the baby is born, that baby is developing. He/she is always at risk from the mothers decision to use alcohol or drugs

How much alcohol can a women drink during prengancy without risking harm to her baby?

None. There is NO amount of alcohol that is known to be safe during pregnancy. If you are alcoholic, please seek help now before you cause your baby to be born deformed or dead.

Heavy cigarette smoking and the use of alcohol throughout pregnancy usually increase?

A baby being born with a medical problem.

What are some syndromes a baby can be born with?

Down Syndrome, Autism, Treacher Collins syndrome, PKU, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc.

Heavy cigarette smoking and the use of alcohol throughout pregnancy usually increase the likelihood of?

a baby being born with a viral infection

Why is it important foro a pregnant woman to refrain from taking drugs and alcohol and maintain a proper diet?

So the baby is born healthy

What can happen if you were intoxicated while conception?

Nothing, there is no fetus for the Ethanol to harm, it should be your last meeting with alcohol until the baby is born however.

What problems will a baby being born with fetal syndrome have in a later life?

Many with fetal alcohol syndrome have problems making good decisions.

How are baby rhinos born?

Baby rhinos are born the same as a human baby is born. Baby rhinos are born through a vaginal birth.

Will drinking alcohol and red bull hurt a nursing baby?

it can hurt a nursing baby. Whatever the mother eats or drinks goes to the breast milk and in turn can go to the baby. although i believe red bull is not very harmful to the baby as long as it is drank at least 2 hours before feeding but Alcohol can be harmful at anytime but a doctor should be consulted to be sure before drinking anything with alcohol or caffeine while breastfeeding. hello... all alcohol will affect all unborn babies and a nursing baby .. people say that they can be born smaller than a baby from a healthy mother who is alcohol free.... it is not good for mother or baby to be dnking ... as .. you no all that goes into your body when you are pregnant is taken out by the baby your are carring .. you drink the baby drinks .. you get drunk so does your unborn child .... to many babies today are born either full of dugs or alcohol .. is this the world of today ? or should we be more respectful of our bodies and of the unborn that cant have a say .. we have that choise to say no .. as a mother .. we protect our young .. and .. we should do this right from the start of the child beginings. as the first few days of knowing that we are pregnant.. we have that responsibility .. you should act on it ......don't drink.. be responsible .. to love you baby .. is to love our body ...

4 months pregnant still drinking?

ummm...bad idea. Your baby will probably have FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) depending upon your level of alcohol consumption. FAS can cause your baby to be born pre-maturely, your baby can have a low birth weight, a small head circumference, developmental delay, organ disfunctions, epilipsy, poor or slow coordination, etc. I would suggest that your OB/GYN know about your alcohol consumption and you seek medical help and support to stop your habits. This is very harmful to your and your baby.

How does Fetal alchol Syndrome occur?

If a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it can harm the baby. Since the baby's nutrients are absorbed through the mothers blood stream, anything that is in it will go to the baby too. When a developing fetus is exposed to alcohol, it can disrupt the normal development pattern of the cells and the child will not be normal. Fetal alcohol syndrome babies are often born with mental retardation and deformities.

Which organ is not affected by fetal alcohol syndrome?

It all depends on the intake of the alcohol and how the baby is born in general. Fetal alcohol syndrome could not affect anything, or it could affect many things. None of the organs are technically "not affected" but the part of the body that is definitely not affected is the skin.

How will taking steroids and alcohol affect your pregnancy during the first trimester?

Yes!! Do not take steroids or alcohol at ALL DURING A PREGNANCY!!! dont do drugs ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== DRINKING alcohol during pregnancy can cause your child to be born with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. An FAS baby has multiple problems, including birth defects and learning disabilities. For your BABY not to have life long problems, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK or take drugs during any stage of your pregnancy.

How is a baby horse born?

A baby horse is born like a human baby.