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After the Russian Revolution the Soviet Union formed

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Q: What happened after the Russian Revolution?
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Related questions

Did the American Revolution or the Russian revolution happen first?

The American Revolution happened first. It went from 1775 to 1783. The Russian Revolution happened in 1917.

What of the following was not true at the time of the Russian Revolution?

The Russian Revolution never happened. :)

What happened as a result of Russian revolution?

As a result of the Russian Revolution, Communists gained control of Russia.

What happened in 1941 about the Russian revolution?

Germany invades Russia in 1941, but that is a long way from the Russian Revolution of 1917.

During what international war did the Russian revolution take place?

The Russian Revolution happened during World War I

What happened in the first Russian Revolution?

Which do you count as the 'first' Russian Revolution, the one of 1905 or the one of February 1917? 1905.

When did the polish revolution happen?

The Revolution of the Kingdom of Poland happened between 1905 and 1907 and was part of the Russian Revolution.

What century did the Russian revolution happen?

It happened in the 20th century since it happened in 1917.

What happened in the Russian revolution in 1905?

The Russian Revolution of 1905 consisted of protests by peasants, industrial workers, and the military. It resulted in the adoption of a new constitution.

If the Russian Revolution had not occured Russia would still be an absolute monarchy today Defend this statement for a debate?

Had the Russian Revolution not happened is a difficult historical concept. The removal from power of the Monarchy is obviously a pre requisite of a Republic. There is much in Russian history to suggest that had the Revolution not happened then the monarchy there would now be extremely powerful.

What happened to the Catholic church as a result of the revolution?

You need to tell us what revolution. Russian, French, American?

What happened during the reign of Nicholas II?

WWI and the Russian Revolution.

What happened in the Russian revolution in 1918?

A big penis got sucked

Was the russian revolution of 1917 let by the nazis?

Nazis did not lead the Russian Revolution. There were two revolutions in 1917. The February revolution was not led by anyone. It happened spontaneously. The October Revolution was led by Vladimir Lenin.

How did the Russians feel about the czar before the Russian revolution?

They hated his guts. That's why the revolution happened in the first place.

9 What happened during the October Revolution of 1917 second phase of the Russian Revolution?

Sh*t went down

What happened after the 1917 Russian Revolution?

After the revolution I know that independence for the Baltic was constantly being declared and was finally recognized. Hope that helps!!

What happened to Trotski in the Russian revolution?

He was assassinated in Mexico under the orders of Josef Stalin.

What happened to the Russian aristocracy after the revolution?

Many were executed. The ones who could fled the country

What happened to the Russian royal family?

Shot (executed) during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918.

Why did bloody Sunday happen?

bloody Sunday happened to mark the beginning of Russian revolution

What happened to Russian's royal family?

They were executed in July 1918 during the Russian Civil War about 9 months after the October Revolution of 1917.

What revolution happened in 1917?

The Russian Revolution occurred in 1917. There were actually two revolutions, the February Revolution, when the Tsar was overthrown and the October Revolution, when Lenin and his Bolsheviks/Communists took over.

What happened in Russia in march 1917?

The Russian Revolution began due to the lack of food and supplies. Czar, leader of Russia, resigns because the Russian Revolution threatens to destroy the Russian Government. Communism takes over and pulls Russia out of World War I.

How remarkable was the Russian revolution?

how remarkable was the Russian revolution ? how remarkable was the Russian revolution ?