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What happened after the Vietnam War?

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North & South Vietnam became ONE communist country, the US eliminated the military draft, and lowered the official adult age in the United States from 21 to 18. Vietnam joined the ranks of communist countries.

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What Had Happened In The Vietnam War?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

What was life after the Vietnam war in Australia?

The Vietnam war was NOT in Australia. It happened in Vietnam. Life in Australia did not change much due to the Vietnam war.

What happened to Vietnam after the war ended?

North Vietnam won the war, creating one nation...VIETNAM.

What happened after the French left Vietnam?

The Vietnam War started.

Was the Vietnam war larger than world war 1?

false vietnam war never happened

Why it happened and the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

What happened in the 1970's?

The Vietnam war happened

What historical event happened in Vietnam?

Most promenently the Vietnam war.

What happened in 1996 in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam war wasn't going on during 1996, it ended in April 1975. So, nothing happened then.

Explain why the Vietnam war happened?

Part of the cold war.

What happened when America withdrew from Vietnam war?

The North of Vietnam won the war. Also north Vietnam And I will answer all your questions. OK!!!!!!

What happened to southeast Asia?

Vietnam War

Prisoners of War in the Vietnam?

what important events happened to the prisoners of war during teh Vietnam Era?

What happened to South Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

a bomb exploded and everyone died

What happened before the vietnam war-?

Before World War Two, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire.There had been fighting in Vietnam for decades before the Vietnam War began.

What war happened in 1960?

The Vietnam War happened in the 1960's and throughout the 60's. The Vietnam War is considered to be one of the most pointless wars in US history.

Why is Vietnam not famous on American TV?

Because Vietnam war was fake and it never happened. Whatever teachers tell you about Vietnam War do not believe them.

What happened during 1954 while the Vietnam war was going on?

The Vietnam War was fought from 1955 - 1975. Not 1954.

What major war happend in the 1960s?

Vietnam happened and changed American culture.

What happened first World war 2 or the Vietnam war?


What happened to Vietnam after the us withdrew from the war?

The North won the war.

What Cold War happened in 1965-1975?

Vietnam War

What war come after Vietnam war?

No real official war has happened afterwards of the Vietnam War, but we are currently experiencing the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Phillipines.

What happened in 1975 after Vietnam war?

Birth of Vietnam (North & South VN disappeared).

What happened at the end of the Vietnam war?

The North won.