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What happened at Promontory Point?

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The transcontinental railroad project was completed at Promontory Point, Utah. A team from the the Union Pacific railroad company working west from the east coast and a team from the Central Pacific railroad company working east from the west met there with great celebration on May 10th 1869.

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What happened at promontory point on May 10 1869?


What is the name of the promontory that is the southernmost point of mainland Australia?

Wilson's Promontory in southern Victoria. South Point in the Promontory is the southern most point in mainland Australia.

What important transportation milestone happened in Promontory Point Utah in 1869?

The transcontinental railroad was completed.

What state is promontory point in?


What is the latitude and longitude of promontory point?

There are two famous locations called Promontory Point.Near Promontory Point, Utah, the transcontinental railroad was completed at "Promontory Summit" (41.62° N, 112.58° W) with the joining of the eastern and western sections. A later section of the railroad, the Lucin Cutoff, passes through Promontory Point, which is at 41.22° N, 112.41° W, slightly to the southeast.Promontory Point in Chicago, Illinois, is a 12-acre manmade peninsula into Lake Michigan in Burnham Park. Its location is 41.80° N, 87.58° W.

What county is promontory point utah in?

Promontory Point is in Box Elder County in Utah. It is the site where on May 10, 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed.

What are synonyms for cape?

headland, point, peninsula, promontory

How many miles is it from Sacramento to Promontory Point?


Where was the traincontinential railroad finished?

promontory point, Utah

Promonotory point Utah?

Promontory Point in Utah is where the Lucin Cutoff intersects with the Promontory Peninsula. The Lucin Cutoff is a railroad line crossing the Great Salt Lake.

Where was the meeting point of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads?

Promontory Point

What major event happened in 1869?

On May 10 , 1869 the track of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific met a Promontory Point , Utah Territory.

What happened at Promontory Point in April1869?

The Union and Central Pacific railroads were joined by the Golden Spike, creating the first Trans-continental rail line.

Why is Promontory Utah an important place in Americas history?

It is at Promontory Point, Utah that the final spike was hammered in to complete the Transcontinental Railroad.

What is the significance of Promontory Point Utah?

It marks the point where the transcontinental railroad system was completed.

What is the most southerly point in The Australian Mainland?

Wilsons Promontory

Name of small point of land that sticks out into water?


Where in Utah did the transcontinental railroad meet?

The official meeting point for the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific was at Promontory Summit, Utah (also known as Promontory Point) Utah on 10 May 1869.

Where was the transcontinental railroad's last spike driven in?

Promontory Point, Utah

A high point of land extending into the ocean resistant to erosion?


Railroads from the east and west met at in 1869.?

promontory point utah

What is the most southern point of Australia's mainland?

The southernmost point on mainland Australia is South Point, on Wilson's Promontory, in Victoria.

Is spur a synonym of topographical depression?

No. A spur is a promontory or secondary summit, a high point not a low point.

What is the name given unto a point extending into a body of water?

Do you mean a point of land - that could be a promontory

The union pacific railroad was located between Chicago and promontory point Utah True or False?

This is true. The Union Pacific Railroad was the first trans-continental railroad. It ran from Chicago and Promontory Point, Utah.