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The Louisiana purchase let people have free land, sending thousands of families west.

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What happened for the Louisiana Purchase to occur and after the purchase was complete?

The purchase happened because France needed money after losing the country of Hati to a revolution after the purchase it doubled the size of the U.S

What was thomas Jefferson's reaction to Louisiana purchase?

He was happy because it doubled the nations size

What happened in the United States during the year 1803?

It doubled in size because of the Louisiana Purchase/

Who did America purchase Louisiana from?

The Louisiana Purchase refers to America buying Louisiana from France. This happened in 1803, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

What happened during The Louisiana Purchase?

America bought the Louisiana territory from France.

Did the Lewis and Clark expedition lead to The Louisiana Purchase?

no, the Louisiana Purchase happened first, that is what Lewis and Clark explored

What happened to the size of the United states after the Louisiana purchase?

After the Louisiana Purchase from France, the United Stated about doubled its size.

How much is the Louisiana purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase was $15 million. The purchase happened during the presidency of the Thomas Jefferson, and faced strong opposition by many.

Why was The Louisiana Purchase a success?

Because the Louisiana Purchase gave more land to the USA

Why is the Louisiana Purchase called the Louisiana Purchase?

It is called this because France named the big chunk of land they own Louisiana. Hence the, Louisiana.

What happened in Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

the Louisiana purchase occurred,

Was the Louisiana purchase a good deal for the US?

Yes because with the Louisiana Purchase they could expand their country

Was The Louisiana Purchase a big purchase?

At that time the Louisiana Purchase was a big purchase because it gave America more land to expand its growing nation.

What Event led to the purchase of the Louisiana territory?

The event that led to the purchase of the Louisiana territory was when France lost the French and Indian war. This happened in 1773.

What happened during Jeffersons Presidency?

The Louisiana Purchase was being bought.

What happened after the Lewis and Clark expedition?

they went on with there life and then came in the Louisiana purchase.

Why did US double in size?

Because of the Louisiana Purchase.

Did George Washington have anything to do with The Louisiana Purchase?

No, the Louisiana Purchase happened in 1803, after George Washington had already passed away in 1799. Washington was the 1st President of the United States.

What would soldiers have thought of Napoleon?

Soldiers probably would have kicked his but for trying to take us over but because of Napoleon the Louisiana purchase happened

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