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What happened during World War 1?

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i don't know that's why i asking. just tell me please

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What happened during the early weeks of the world war 1?

what happened in the early weeks of the war

What event happened during World War 1?

Kasey had 3 chirldren and killed then during this war.

What happened to the Soviet Union during world war ll?

It happened that the germany they have to pay big bill after world war 1 and now for world war ll

What happened to north schleswig during World War 1?


What else happened during World War 1?

nothing really

What happened in Romania during world war 1?

See this link.

What prejudices happened during and after world war 1?

the ugly prejudices

What prejudices happened during World War 1?

ugly prejudiced

What happened to Austria Hungary during the world war 1?

It was wired

What big event happened in America during world war 1?

One big event that happened in America during World War 1 was that the economy started to improve. Industry also picked up during this time.

What happened during world war 1-?

During World War I most of the major battles were fought in Europe. It was a victory for Allied forces.

Was the holocust in World War 1 or two?

It happened during world war two, when Hitler had greater authority.

What happened in the UK during 1912 and 1945?

World War 1 and World War 2 and I think elections.

What are 3 events that happened prior to 1914 that may have lead to World War I?

major event that happened during the world war 1 in Sweden?

What 5 important events that happened during Woodrow Wilson's presidensy?

#1: The World War 1 happened at that time

What method of fighting happened during World War 1?

Trench warfare

What happened to labor union membership during world war 1?

it increased

What happened to Wilfred Owen during the world war 1?

died in action

What happened on October 29 1929 during World War 2?

World War 2 had not happened yet in 1929. It started September 1, 1939.

What happened in 1931 during World War 2?

The Second World War (WWII) started on 1 September 1939.

What happened in Ypres during world war 1?

A war began between Alliances and Ententes during approx 2 years.

What happened during 1910 -1919?

A world war happened. At the time, it was called 'The Great War' or 'The War To End All Wars'; but then came another world war so now we call it World War 1.

What happened during the Liberian civil war 1?

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

What happened to Russia during World War 1?

From my research that I am seeing, Rise of Nationalism.

What happened to families during world war 1?

they hid in air raid shelters

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