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the germans invaded poland and britain and france didn't like that so they fought against Germany and about a year in america and Italy joined in Italy on the side of Germany and America with Britain and Germany lost.

The history of WWII is very complicated and complex. But the bottom line is that the Allies (England, the United States, Russia, with help from other smaller countries) defeated the attempts by the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) to take over the world.

Hitler was trying to conquer countries in Europe (Poland, Hungary, Russia, England, France etc. Japan was taking over the South Pacific Islands and trying to conquer China and South East Asia.

At first these two countries found the conquering easy, but eventually the world began to take notice and resist their imperialism. Many battles were fought in many places with much death and destruction, but eventually both Germany and Japan were defeated.

The World War II ended with a massive destruction of the two major cities of Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan were bombed by the Allies on 6th Aug 1945 and 8the Aug 1945.

You may need to specify the question.

Germany was in serious economic difficulty in the 1930's, a disillusioned society. Hitler took advantage of this and gave his people hope and so ultimately the Nazi party came to power under Hitler. In wanting to expand Germany's resources and get them out of recession he invaded Poland for their Natural Resources. The British didn't like this and stepped in to help Poland. But Hitler fought on invading other countries and came up with the philosophy/madness of Eugenics (which one of his scientists strongly supported). This was his main reason for trying to kill all the Jews (note: it wasn't just the Jews he was after anyone that didn't fit the perfect ideal which his scientists came up with were potential targets) so they went on invading countries and finding more people they considered worthy of genocide. Eventually they got too powerful for the countries in Europe and so the Americans stepped in at some stage, but that didn't come until much later.

Though the Americans were having their own 'cold war' with the Japanese again about energy resource issues which finally kicked off both of those countries into the war and made it become a 'world war' on a global scale.

Back in Europe much of the Countries were ruled by dictators Russia, Spain, Italy, Hungary and their own socialist issues.

Germans tried to put concentration camps all over Europe so the Jews couldn't escape. Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust and World War 2. He was also responsible for 72 million deaths. Benito Mussolini allied with Hitler on the Axis, while Joseph Stalin of the USSR separated from Hitler and went against Nazi Germany. Four days before the war ended, the United States dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, killing more than 100,000 people instantly. People are still dying there due to the radiation that won't leave the air. The Germans were defeated and they lost most of their territory. On April 30, 1945, Hitler married Eva Braun and they both committed suicide less than 24 hours later. It was the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, and it cost $1.5 trillion.

Loads of people died.

1.During ww2 there were many places fighting the war many people where killed about 50-70 million.

2.There was what we call The holocaust where Jew's, catholics, Gays, and Blacks that

Germans put in camps some work camps and some death camps.

3.The man mostly behind the holocaust was Adolf Hitler he was what they called their leader during ww2 and what ever he said people believed and they did what ever he said also he said Jews, Catholics, Gays and blacks aren't they right Ways to go you have to believe in what he says and what he thinks he thought the only right way that people should look is Blue eyes and blond hair.

4. In 1939 Germany took over many different countries in Europe.

5. The only reason we got in the war was because we where sending food over to Europe and Germany sank on of our ships that had millions of people on it and also because japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

6. Allies attacked Italy in 1943.

7. Then in 1944 Allies Drive Germany out of eastern Europe

8. The dropped two atomic bombs in 1945 on japan during ww2 because they wouldn't give up.

9. The Allies where The USA , Britain, China, Soviet Union, In addition France and Poland. With strong support from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.

10.The Axis was Germany Italy and Japan.

11. The war ended in 1945.

Jews died
That is a very broad question but I'll sum it up. Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany and wanted to take over the world. The war spanned from 1939-1945. By 1941 all of Europe was captured by Hitler except Britain and Britain held its own and never got conquered. However the Russians eventually regained the land they lost and marched straight to Berlin, Germany and ended the war. Now of course the U.S. helped in this and without our aid the Allies ("good guys") would not have won the war. But this leads into what I'm about to talk about. On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked Oahu, Hawaii targeting an airbase and naval fleet there. Their air raids killed 3,000 people. Of these casualties were mixed forces of the military and also some civilians and police. The next day we declared war on Japan. Japan did this becaue they were afraid that the U.S. would halt their expansion because Japan took over almost all of the Pacific Islands and Asia. The U.S. also declared war on Germany and its allies because they were in an alliance. After the Pearl Harbor attack the U.S.A. Won every battle against the Japanese but with a cost. The Japanese fought to the last man and to the death so they inflicted heavy losses on the U.S. At the end of the war the Japenese were so desperate to keep the Americans from attacking their homeland that they flew kamikaze bombers into American ships. These were suicide bombers in planes loaded with explosives. When these attacks failed Japan was screwed but refused to give up. We later nuked the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Japenese surrendered. Again this is a very brief description of the war so if you want to know anything else just tell me.
WWII ended in allied (England,France,Canada,USA,Russia and others) victory against the Axis (Germany,Italy,Japan) with the Russian invasion of Berlin, Germany and the American Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan with 2 atomic bombs named "Little Boy" and "Fat Man"
Germany attacked Poland. WW2 started. Germany took over almost all of Europe while Japan was taking China. Japan attacks America. America joins war. Germany loses misrabley. Japan is attacked with a nuke. WW2 ends.




Umm, well, thank you for that, but as I am infact studying this at school now.. And I know how to spell MYTHand ACTUALLY and BELIEVE andWORLD and AS WELL... I'd rather you got your facts right. Have you ever heard of Pearl Harbour?? The Japanese brought the US into the second world war by bombing Pearl Harbour. As well as that, they also took over Manchuria which brought China into the war.

So please, before you think you're smart enough to comment on this, would you care to pick up a history book and perhaps try learning how to spell correctly. Going back to school might help with that.

Thank you (:

Hi ya ok i just did a timeline on WW2 for my history class and Japan was to in the war in fact they were the ones who attacked pearl harbor on December 7,1941 and they surrendered August 14,1945. There is proof right there that Japan was in the war and if you think other wise then you obviously are not an expert on ww1 and ww2 sorry to burst your bubble :)

SHUT UP YOU BOMB DODGER dude ur mad cause ur jap and ur tryna stick up for them cause there japs
The Holocaust, Hitler invading Russia, Firs Atomic Bomb, Aircraft Carriers became popular, over 40 million citizens affected, bombing of major cities in Germany (dresden) and England (London, Coventry) and Japan ( Hiroshima).way more

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Q: What happened during World War 2?
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