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See the link to the BBC description of The Battle of Hastings. == == == == == == § Contenders for the English throne led to the Battle of Hastings § Harold's Pledge to Duke William of Normandy § William obtains the Pope's approval to attack England § Norman preparation for the Invasion - a Holy War § King Harold prepares for battle against the Normans § Treachery! Earl Tostig plots with King Hardrada of Norway § The Vikings Invade! The Battle of Fulford § The Battle of Stamford Bridge § The Norman Invasion - Preparations at Dives § Duke William Lands at Pevensey - The Normans Invade England § King Harold Receives News Of The Norman Invasion at York § King Harold Gathers an army In London § Duke William Builds a Pre-Built Castle at Pevensey § The Norman Invaders March To Hastings § King Harold's Noble Strategy § King Harold at Senlac (Re-Named Battle), near Hastings § Duke William enters negotiations with the Saxons * The Battle Of Hastings Dawns * Duke William prepares for the Battle of Hastings* Duke William raises The Papal Standard * Duke William issues battle orders * King Harold Prepares For Battle * King Harold issues his battle orders * The Normans advance * The two armies meet * The Battle Of Hastings * The Battle Of Hastings rages from 9am to 3pm* King Harold is Shot above the eye * The Norman's Strategy deceives the Saxons * The Story of the Saxon Knight * The Story of the Norman Knight * The Saxon Barricades are broken * Duke William in battle * The Normans close ranks on the Saxons * The wounded King Harold is killed by the Normans * The English Retreat at the Battle of Hastings * The Normans win the Battle of Hastings * The aftermath of the Battle of Hastings * The Burial of King Harold * Review of the Battle of Hastings

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Q: What happened during the Battle of Hastings?
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