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in the 40s, the jitter burg, long skirts, dancing with multiple people were very common. Communisom was very common in Russia and noeone like them..also there was the ending of the World War 2, if only we had another one, oh wait we do but its not offical and blah

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What happened in the 1940s in Britain?

WW 2

First armed conflict in the revolution occurred where?

I don't know where but it happened durring the battle of Lexington & Concord.

What happened in New Orleans during the 1940s?


What important things happened in the 1940s in southall.?

there was racism

What happened durring World War 1?

People got shot :/. I mean this answer would be huge. Just go on wikipedia.

What happened in Australia in the 1940s?

For much of the 1940s, Australia was engage in World War II. After the war there was a large influx of foreigners and foreign investment.

What are the great political events that happened in the 1940s?

cuz the southsiders r the best

Why do kids have to read durring the summer?

kids have to read in the summer because if the do not once they go back to school they will be low in reading.and i know its happened to me!

What major events happened in the 1940s?

World War 2 was a pretty major event.

What happened with the h bomb in the 1940s?

nothing. edward teller made several unsuccessful design attempts. nothing happened until the 1950s.

How many lives would have been lost if medical advances hadn't happened in the 1940s?


What do you say durring sex?

nothing...................u do it

What events happened in the 1940s?

Events that occurred in the 1940s are World War 2, the invention of the t-shirt, and the first bikinis. Other events include Apartheid, the invention of the slinky, and the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why do flies come out in the summer?

durring the winter they are maggots!

When did Jamestown begin?

Sometime durring the 1600's

WHEN was Jamestowns birth?

Sometime durring the 1600's

What cells divide durring mitosis?

during interphase

What jobs were there in georgia durring the 1700s?

they run for joblol

How do cheetahs catch their food?

by tripping its pray durring the chase.

Why does dawn leave ash and brock?

Durring the catch of the rye

How did the Tollundman live?

he lived durring the wars were there was no food or water

Who was the US president durring World War 2?


How can marijuana affect your school?

Lack of attention durring a lesson.

What was the Jewish population in the 1940s?

what was the Jewish population in the 1940s

Who was president durring World War II?

Franklin D. Roosevelt