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It's OK if you took it before you were pregnant but as soon as you fond out you have to stop or the fetus can get damaged.

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taking primolut can woman conceive

Can you take microgynon and primolut n together

Primolut N is usually taken to postpone a period.

The chances are very slim as the tablet primolut N is a tablet to postpone your period so you can not say when it is the right time for sex.

Consumer Medicines Information for Primolut, Got to the related link below.

This is depot preparation of progesterone given to pregnant women. It has no drug interactions or any side effects. Your gynecologist will decide the duration of the treatment.

No. I haven't had a period yet.

That wouldn't do anything different from what happened in the previous weeks of taking the birth control pill.

It is Progesterone, witch is normally secreted by so called white body(Corpus lute-um.) after ovulation,. If your Doctor has prescribed, please take it. You may need it. (Best of luck !)

it is ok to take primolut while having serum pregnancy test?

primolut n 10g remove 5 week pregnancy

You should not take ANY medication without talking to your Dr first during pregnancy.

Primolut Nor may or may not contain animal products, but it was tested on animals. See also - 'Is Norethisterone vegan.'

It can take up to 18 months but if nothing has happened by then you should see a doctor.

No you cannot take flucloxacillin when pregnant. the leaflet says, 'do not take if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant' therefore i wouldn't take it.

you have to wait upto 14 days after the completion of you primolut course then you have to consult your doctor for ultrasound or any other check up thankyou.

can you take cyclizine hydrochloride when pregnant?

milk of magnesia same thing happened when i was and thats what the doc told me to take good luck with that and dont trust a fart when taking it lol

It has happened to a lot of unsuspecting people. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

By having sexual intercourse when she is ovulating. It can take up to 18 months to get pregnant but that is normal. If nothing has happened after 12-18 months you can see a doctor.

no. if you happened to be pregnant and got your period its misscariage. there's no way you can have your period while pregnant .

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What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

The packaging states not to take if pregnant

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