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What happened in 1872 in Scotland?

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Who won the 1872 soccer game in Scotland?

It ended England 0 Scotland 0 but they played later in 1872 with England winning 4-2.

When was Scotland national football team created?

Scotland national football team was created in 1872.

Who did Scotland play in their first international match in 1872?

They played England.

Where was the first game of soccer played?

The first official soccer (international football) match recorded was in 1872 between the national teams of Scotland and England. The match was played on November 30, 1872, in Patrick, Scotland.

What happened when susan b anthony voted in the presidential election in 1872?

What happened when Susan B. Anthony voted presidential election in 1872

What was the score Scotland v England football match 1872?

It was a no scoring draw.

What four countries made up the UK in 1872?

England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

What was the date of first ever international football match?

In 1872 and it was England vs Scotland

When was Barbara Gott born?

Barbara Gott was born in 1872, in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK.

What happened November 1 1872?

the Great Boston Fire

When did Goingsnake Massacre happen?

Goingsnake Massacre happened in 1872.

Which country held the first soccer game?

the first international match was England v Scotland in 1872

When was Margaret Turnbull born?

Margaret Turnbull was born on November 17, 1872, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

When was the first international soccer match played?

England vs Scotland on 30th November 1872. The match finished in a 0-0 draw.

When did Scotland first become Protestant?

Protestant reformation happened in Scotland in 1560/61.

What historical events happened in 1872?

Nothing its a boring year lol

When was the first soccer macth played?


When did Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms happen?

Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms happened in 1644.

When did the first soccer game take place?

Scotland v England (1872) was the first ever official international football match to be played. It was contested by the national teams of Scotland and England

When were the Glasgow warriors founded?

The Glasgow Warriors were founded in 1872, in Glasgow, Scotland. The Glasgow Warriors are one of two professional rugby teams in Scotland, and were formerly known as Glasgow Rugby.

When did Modoc War happen?

Modoc War happened on 1872-07-06.

When did Scotland become part of the UK?

The union of Scotland and England happened in 1707 creating the United Kingdom.

When did Scotland become independant?

It hasn't happened yet.

What happened in 1320 in Scotland?

The Declaration of Arbroath was signed.

What year was the first ever soccer match played?

The first official international match was played in 1872 between Scotland and England.