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Some things that happened in 1999 are:

  • The euro was established on January 1.
  • A 6.1 Richter Scale earthquake hit western Columbia on January 25.
  • Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela on February 2.
  • Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new endurance record after being aloft in a hot air balloon for 233 hours and 55 minutes while trying to circumnavigate the earth on February 27.
  • Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic joined NATO on March 12.
  • The 71st Academy Awards were held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California on March 21. Shakespeare in Love won Best Picture.
  • An increase in the value of Microsoft made Bill Gates' fortune exceed 1 billion dollars on April 8.
  • The Kosovo War continued with NATO war planes bombing ethnic Albanian refugee convoys when they mistook them for the Serbian military on April 14.
  • Leonardo da Vince's The Last Supper was placed back on display in Milan, Italy after 22 years of restoration on May 28.
  • Napster debuted on June 1.
  • Turin, Italy was awarded the 2006 winter Olympics on June 19.
  • A plane carrying John F. Kennedy, Jr crashed off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, killing Kennedy and his wife, on July 16.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants debuted on July 17.
  • Russian President Boris Yeltsin fired his Prime Minister, Sergei Stepashin, and for the fourth time, his entire cabinet on August 9.
  • Apple Computer released the Power Macintosh G4 on August 31.
  • A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Athens, Greece on September 7.
  • Kiribati, Nauru and Tonga joined the United Nations on September 14.
  • Pudong International Airport opened in Shanghai on October 1,
  • A National Geographic Society press conference reveals the fossil of Archaeoraptor (which is later found to be a forgery) on October 15.
  • Dr. Jerome Teleprocessing of Trinidad and Tobago proposed that the UN create an International Men's Day on November 19. It is now commemorated every year on the same date.
  • The Labor Party took control of New Zealand's government on November 27.
  • Exxon and Mobile merged, creating the largest corporation in the world on November 30.
  • As stipulated in the Torrijos-Carter Treaty of 1977. the U.S. government turned administration of the Panama Canal over to government of Panama on December 31,

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Q: What happened in 1999?
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