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Q: What happened in George Seurat's childhood?
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What was george seurats painting technich?


Who influenced george's seurats art ability?

you tell me

What was george seurats first painting?

'La baignade a Asnieres'

What was Georges Seurat's favourite color and why?

what was george seurats favorite answer

What were george seurats problems?

He had a very bad illness that was affecting his respetory system

What did George seurats mum and dad do for a living?

his mum kissed men at an arcade for a livging

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What was George Seurat's childhood?

His parents were wealthy. Otherwise a perfectly normal childhood.

What was georges seurats mum called?

jaqulin batt

What was Georges Seurats mother called?

Ernestine Faivre

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What are georges seurat most famous paintings?

george seurats most famous paintings are the bathers head of girl famous assise baignade a asnieres study for la grande jatte SUNDAY AFTERNOON

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