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What happened in Germany during the Holocaust?



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Adolf Hitler wanted Germany to become a Non Jewish country with what he saw as Pure Germans And Aryan people, run by his one-party 'National Socialist' military dictatorship. "Nazi" is a compression of the party's name in German.


He and his High Command initially pressured Jews to emigrate, mainly to Britain or America, and made the remaining ones' lives more and more miserable, then established a large number of labour-camps and extermination-camps. The latter were what the Nazis called their "final solution" to the "Jewish" problem Hitler had invented, and were industrial-scale killing-centres.


An unfortunate result of WW2 which brought this appalling regime to an end, was that Eastern Europe including half of Germany became part of the USSR's empire, under its Communist regime which was very bit as ruthless as the Nazis' had been.


The Nazis wilfully killed some six million Jews, homosexuals, mentally-ill and coloureds in the Holocaust - NB that name was coined by Jewish survivors after the War.

The total death-toll of Stalin's contemporary USSR will probably never be know but was at least as high if not higher, than that of the Nazis.


Tragically, there are now some groups of deeply misguided people in the USA and parts of Europe, who worship Adolf Hitler's "National Socialist" ideas and policies!