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Since Koreans are stupid they decided to put all the dumb people in the north and all the less stupid ones in the south. Once they officially split, all the People in North Korea killed each other. All except a mother and her great great uncle who had autism, HIV and serve retardation. These two people procreated together which lead to the current population of 24 million.

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Q: What happened in North Korea?
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What happened to the border between north and South Korea because of the Korean war?

What happened to the border between North & South Korea because of the Korean war?

What historical event happened in North Korea?

the war

What disasters happened in the 1950s?

war north korea

Where is South Korea found?

It's in Asia, right below North Korea.North Korea and South Korea is separated because of a war that happened long ago. There still are many families that are separated from each other.

What happened in the korean war in 1950?

North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950.

What happened in South Korea?

Japan toook control of Korea in 1910and got invaded by North KoreaAnd then the usa saved them

What happened with the 38th parallel?

north korea and south korea is where war started and thats the latitude of south and north korea. (38th parallel- thats how it got its name)

What were the major events that happened in the Korean War?

one key event is how north Korea invaded south Korea and that north korea killed south koreas president in nov. 24 in 1956

What would have happened if you didnt fight the Korean war?

South Korea would now be dominated by communist North Korea

What are some major historical events that happened in North Korea?

Korean War

After world war 2 what happened to the nation of Korea?

After world War II, that finished on 1945 , in 1948 Korea was spilt into two separate nations, North Korea and South Korea

When will World War 3 happen?

Another answer:Well, today, November, 23, 2010, it just happened. North Korea attacked South Korea. We are allies with South Korea, BUT North Korea are allies with China, and they hate us. Where home is, war will be.

What happened in history today 29th of March?

On the 29th of March, 2013 North Korea did declare that it was at state of war with South Korea.

Differences between north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

What happened when an armistice was signed ending the Korean war?

When the armistice was signed, the Korean war was ended by dividing the country into North and South Korea at about the 38th parallel. Today North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic.

What happened to Korea after Japan surrendered in World War 2?

Korea was split between the soviet union (north) and the united states (south). and Korea went into war

What would happened if you broke a law in north Korea?

Execution or a long prison term.

Did Truman attack North Korea or did North Korea attack us?

North Korea attacked South Korea.

What happened in 1950 that caused the Korean War?

North Korean Communists invaded South Korea & tried to take controlThe North Korean Army invaded South Korea in 1950.

Who has a communist government North Korea or South Korea?

north Korea

What is South Korea north of?

North Korea.... -_-

Which region is North Korea in?

North Korea is located north of South Korea in East Asia.

Which southeast Asian country is divided into a North and a South?

North and South KoreaKorea in divided into north and southNorth KoreaSouth Korea

What led to war in Korea?

The Korean war happened because North Korea wanted South Korea to be combined with them but they haded to be under a communist government , but South Korea doesn't want to be under a communist government so they refuses. So North Korea decided that if South Korea wont join in they well have to attack to make South Korea surrender.

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.